So Chris Luxon hates public transport users as well as renters and bottom feeders?

This is a weird way to look like you care about poor people, put the boot into their public transport…

Public transport ultimately ‘can’t be subsidised or underwritten’ – Christopher Luxon

When asked if the cut-price, subsidised fares were something he would like to see extended further, National’s Christopher Luxon said he believed services should not have to be propped up by taxpayers.

“There’s a need for us to continue to drive mode shift, I get it, but you’ve got to build good quality public transport options that people choose to use.”

While it had been a helpful to help people right now with the “cost of living crisis”, it needed to be revisited, Luxon said.

“But ultimately, public transport needs to stand on its own feet. It can’t be subsidised or underwritten … it has to be able to build on its own case,” he told reporters.

…so Luxon doesn’t like renters, bottom feeders or bus users?

It’s a fascinating strategy, just shit on groups your base don’t like and threaten their funding.

At least you can’t confuse it as kindness.

Hilariously, Luxon is already walking these comments back…

…the more Luxon talks, the more he has to walk back the day after talking

It’s like he’s having the conversation with himself that he should have had before he said anything

This is the political equivalence of one hand clapping.

To date all Luxon has promised is no minimum wage increase, no Winter energy payment, no benefit increases, no Fair Pay Agreements and tax cuts that give a pittance to everyone and just under $20 000 for him?

The shine is coming off this new BMW quick.

We know what Luxon stands agains, but increasingly it looks like all he stands for are First Class travellers on Air National.


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