So Aldi aren’t coming to NZ and Oil hitting $175 barrel??? 

This week the feckless and gutless Labour Government announced another meaningless bullshit nothing on the Supermarket Duopoly, but because the announcement was so meaningless and bullshit, the Minister had to insinuate that Supermarket chain Aldi were coming to enter the market.

Turns out, that’s a fucking lie…

Supermarket giant Aldi has no current plans to enter NZ market

Global discount supermarket giant Aldi has no plans to expand to the New Zealand market, the company says.

..your lies don’t even last a week now!

This news is on the heels of a report oil will hit $175 barrel…

Oil US$175 a barrel? JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon warns ‘hurricane’ is bearing down on economy

JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon on Wednesday warned investors to brace themselves for an economic “hurricane” as the war in Ukraine and policy tightening by the Federal Reserve roil markets.


So the current cost of living crisis that is causing vast disruption is deeply problematic for us, because it hasn’t even fucking begun!

If you think shit is cray now, wait until the real impacts of global inflation hit later this year.

Rather than be radical and seizing 30% of the Duopoly to force market competition, Labour will take the watered down Commerce Commission recommendations and implement 12 of them.

This will do sweet fuck all and it’s just another fucking example of this spineless, gutless, do nothing Government talking a huge game and then not even bothering to turn up to play.

Right now, Russia and the Ukrainian conflict is impacting everything in terms of food and materials price inflation on top of China’s shut down thanks to their zero tolerance of Covid policy. That is going to see prices explode and I’ve argued inflation will hit double digits by December.

Being told some regulatory tweaks to the Duopoly power of the greedy supermarkets is all Labour have managed while you go hungry and cold will be another example of big promises and empty delivery when people are at their most vulnerable.

Labour are a joke looking for a punchline. This could have been their saving grace, it’s another hollow nothing.

It’s almost like they don’t even want to win the next election.

If you want something done right, lock David Clark’s mountain bike up first.


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