Slack Kiwi Insurrectionists too lazy to successfully seize NZ Parliament

It’s been building all day. The attempt to copy their American inspiration.

Late last afternoon the leadership of the Convoy imploded with recriminations of different factions taking over the protest.

Overnight a more hardline group emerged with the plan to attempt to force their way into Parliament.

They have been attempting to goad a response from the Police all day long.

This has had to be handled carefully, a heavy handed response to provocation won’t be acceptable and could cause a worse knee jerk from the alienated, however, They. Can’t. Enter. Parliament!

If they simply stay and shout, leaving them to occupy the space might be smartest.

Thank Baby Jesus our insurrectionists are far more slack and casual than their American versions.

It would have been unacceptable in the extreme for Parliament to be invaded by these lunatic protestors.

That line must hold.

The country owes a debt of gratitude to the professionalism and courage of the Police to hold that line.

Something very ugly was avoided today.

They are now singing Johnny Farnham, ‘You’re the voice’ in a giant karaoke.

Western Civilisation has ended.

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