Sir Ian Taylor and why the Woke desperately need Jacinda to fail & be punished

Sir Ian Taylor: What the Twitter critics get wrong about me

I had imagined that my first diary report from 151 Off the Bench would have been about some of the processes that I had gone through as part of my pre-departure preparations for the flight to LA and what, if any, changes might be able to be made to those with some of the new technologies available to us.

Those observations will have to be addressed tomorrow because there is something else that I think needs to be addressed from the outset if we are to take anything constructive from this self-isolation trial.

In a Twitter post yesterday, Neale Jones wrote the following:

Poor old Sir Ian Taylor is trying to find a way forward on MIQ and for doing so has been ripped to pieces by Wellington Twitteratti General and woke corporate left RNZ commentator Neale Jones who has reached almost Morgan Godfrey levels of shrillness.

After shitting all over Sir Ian, Neale has been a woke cheerleader for Level 5 lockdown and described Jacinda’s pivot from eradication to containment as a ‘long and confusing surrender note’.

Neale isn’t alone on hyperbole from the Woke. The Maori Party described Labour’s policy as ‘modern genocide’ and that it was designed to be a ‘Squid Game’ murder Disneyland.

Those screaming Jacinda’s plan amounts to a modern genocide of Maori best be hoping there is a vast tsunami of death coming – I mean, Labour’s ‘genocide’ hasn’t reached triple figures yet, that seems a very, very, very small genocide

Originally it was ACT & National who privately prayed Jacinda would fail.

The only way ACT & National win politically is if NZ loses and Covid wins.

Their dream outcome was Jacinda losing control of Delta or getting stuck and stagnating in a never ending lockdown.

With Jacinda navigating a path via mass vaccinations that respects the double vaxxed (while providing the unvaccinated free vaccinations) she now faces the wrath of the Woke who now need her to desperately fail and be punished.

For the woke, one single death by Covid of a Maori, Pacifica or disabled person is a State sanctioned genocide. Their fury at Jacinda giving a stressed out Auckland picnics has been met by the perpetually outraged woke online as an atrocity on par with Dave Chappelle hosting a Pride parade.

Those who had piously embraced every restrictive standard as if it were holy writ snarlingly turned on Jacinda once she pivoted and made their hysterical screams of genocide look like the nonsense it is.

Academics who have loved the power over social policy at the height of Covid fears feel miffed that Jacinda isn’t just taking their concerns on board, but the compliance issues and managing stressed out angry double vaxxed citizens as well.

For them she has become a traitor and so for their most feverish fantasies of genocide to come true, Jacinda must now be punished for her ‘long and confusing surrender note’.

Jacinda is getting it from all sides, the woke are just another extremist group secretly wishing she will fail so their Squid Games metaphor becomes reality.

The problem for Neale Jones and the right is that Jacinda is on track to pull off the greatest challenge of her political career by getting us back to normal with a minimum of death and sickness.

Not even Neale Jones and the entire Wellington Twitterati will be able to shit on Jacinda then.


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