Shock victory for China in the Pacific


Exclusive: Pacific Islands Forum crisis as Kiribati withdraws

1News can reveal Kiribati has withdrawn from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) with immediate effect, plunging the regional body in to crisis.

…incredible reporting from Barbara Dreaver that Kiribati has walked from the Pacific Islands Forum into the open arms of China…

Official sources told 1News Kiribati has become increasingly isolated and has refused to engage at a diplomatic level.

There are growing suspicions Beijing is behind the country’s exit, with Kiribati strategically important to China due to nearby US Military installations and marine resources.

…China continues its march into the Pacific.

At some point we are going to have to concede that this is becoming a deliberate tactic of encroachment using tactics China has perfected in the manufacturing of Island bases and militarising their fishing fleet.

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