Shock Last Roy Morgan Poll for 2021 – Labour in danger

The last Roy Morgan Poll is out for 2021 and it shows National, ACT & Maori Party ahead of Labour/Green coalition for the first time.

Labour – 36%

National- 26.5%

ACT – 17.5%

Greens – 10.5%

Maori Party – 3%

NZ First – 2.5%

The question as Auckland finally gets out of lockdown is if voter grumpiness will dissipate and what impact Luxon will have at taking voters off ACT.

The insane support ACT has with men is a backlash response to wokeness so I’d suggest Seymour has that vote tied up leaving Luxon to chase centrist female voters.

The Maori Party’s genocide hyperbole is working for them while burning bridges with the Labour Party Maori caucus.

This Christmas will be the most politically important one of Jacinda’s career.

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