Road to 0 by 2050 is as much a joke as carbon neutral by 2050 – speed isn’t the problem

There’s an advert in NZ that sums up the current madness of the carnage on our roads.

The advert has young car buyers being sold mangled and destroyed cars. The bewilderment on the faces of the young car buyers that these unsafe cars will provide no protection in a car crash mixed with the confusion of why the car dealers are selling them these dangerously unsafe cars perfectly sums up NZ.

We won’t ensure you are safe by demanding cars imported here meet basic safety standards because that would demand regulations and in good ole free market deregulated Nu Zilind, we don’t like regulations, so if you buy a car we know will kill you, too bad for you.

This advert pointing out the grotesque incompetence and malicious manner in which we allow the market to do what it likes is supposedly a legitimate response to justify our low regulation environment on top of reminding Kiwi’s it’s really their fault.

The exact same cheap low regulation mentality is causing  carnage on our roads.

The horror accident of yet another family killed by the fucking trucking industry is just another indictment on our roads.

It’s not fucking drug drivers or cars traveling too fast that is the problem in NZ, it’s the dominance of the Trucking industry coupled with our desire to not spend one cent more than we have to on the actual quality of roads and road engineered safety.

Our roads are goat tracks to Mordor, and the entire safety arm of the  brownwashed Waka Kotahi (their incompetence at keeping us safer is made less chilling because they have a nice Māori name) just admitted they are useless and should probably be dissolved. 

Here is what is happening on our roads:

We don’t spend enough on basic engineering safety features.

The Trucking Industry use their political power to never pay for the damage they cause our roads and refuse every attempt to get freight onto rail.

Instead of forcing the Trucking industry to pay for the roading upgrades, we spend money on pretending speed is the main issue and patronise us with bullshit advertising telling us it’s our fault rather than the bullshit weak regulation market the Wellington Bureaucrats prefer.

Meanwhile people die on our dangerous roads and get told it’s their fault for speeding while  the Trucking industry get away scot-free again.


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