Righteously hate David Seymour but this attack on mandates is how he overtakes National

This is so Machiavellian it makes me vomit while acknowledging the brutally clever math…

Act leader David Seymour calls for testing as alternative for unvaxxed teachers, health workers

Act leader David Seymour has called for the Government to relax its “no jab no job” stand and allow a regular testing regime to be used as an alternative for workers who refuse to get vaccinated.

By Monday, teachers and other education staff, as well as those in the health and disability sectors, must have had at least one dose and be fully vaccinated by January 1.

It has led to workers in key workforces – such as teaching, mental health, and midwifery – walking away from their jobs rather than get vaccinated, as well as protests over the mandates.

The mandates already apply to border workers – and there is high public support for them in the education and health sectors.

…how outrageous to play to the paranoia of these antivaxx lunatics, but by doing so Seymour gives them political cover and will harvest their vote just as he did with the gun nutters .

It’s deplorable and amounts to Vichy France capitulating to the Nazi’s, but ACT will hoover up all the antiVaxx vote under the guise of personal choice and it will pay dividends.

This is how ACT overtake National.


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