Quisling Luxon traitorously slags off NZ on International Stage

Let’s just compare overseas trips.

Jacinda: Talks gun control at Harvard, signs $1.8b trade deal, gains citizenship rights for Kiwis in Australia and negotiates a new deal on 501s starting a gang war in NZ.

Quisling Traitor Luxon: After visiting far right think tank Policy Exchange and ruminating on NZ needing more deregulation, Quisling Traitor Luxon then takes a huge steaming shit on NZ…

‘New Zealand got it wrong’: The man vying to topple Jacinda Ardern and open up the nation

New Zealand has become fearful, inward and negative as a result of its COVID settings and owes its expatriates an apology for locking them out during the pandemic, Christopher Luxon, the man vying to oust Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has said.

New Zealand’s opposition leader made the comments in a wide-ranging interview with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in London.

…these born to rule rich prick National Party leaders have the audacity of shitting on NZs sacrifice and fight against Covid on the international stage. It’s a reminder that the National Party has no problem undermining NZ for political gain, just like John Key did all those years ago as a trader when he made his fortune betting against NZ.

NZers sacrificed to fight Covid and we are living with that sacrifice right now with the extra economic cost, but let’s be very clear here, Jacinda, Labour and the health experts saved this country from almost 3000 extra deaths!

3000 extra deaths! Imagine the tsunami of grief that would have washed over us if we hadn’t implemented the measures we have now. Yes our death rates are picking up now, but that doesn’t mean the lives we saved and the measures taken to save those lives were somehow worthless!

To have National taking a huge smelly creamy dump on the sacrifice we all went through for the common good, to manipulate the current grumpiness and exhaustion from the ongoing fight against Covid into writing the e tire thing off is a narrative change of Orwellian proportions!

Do not allow your anger and frustration at the Virus continuing to impact us to be manipulated by the Right into thinking they have any solutions to your current pain.

They fucking don’t!

It was their underfunding of our public health system that is being crushed right now that is part of the problem here!

If you think National and ACT are the solution to our current problems, you are the problem!


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