Q+A Review: Māori Party attempt to look credible

As TDB has been pointing out for sometime, the Māori Party are the queen maker as Labour & Greens continue to sink.

This means scrutiny on their flakiness is a gift to ACT and National as the country gets spooked by co-governance.

MANA pushed for policy that helped everyone, ‘feed the kids’ was all the Kids.

The Māori Party are perceived as ‘feed only the Māori kids’.

The new Māori Party is all about feelings and identity and the constant push to replace actual policy gains like gst off food for identity stunts in Parliament probably alienates more than it attracts.

If the Māori Party are the Queen maker, they need to push for universal policy like GST off food, they need to appeal to the majority they spend the entire interview despising.

They denounce Louisa Wall’s new position to promote equality in the Pacific and both refuse to accept liberal progressive democratic values and demand they hold onto their tribal beliefs instead.


On the issue of Queen Maker, they joke about it and they don’t seem to appreciate how that looks.

They won’t side with National and ACT, but it’s not actually clear they would support Labour and Greens either.

The only take away from this interview is that the Māori Party are in it for the Māori Party.

Cyclists and their ever screaming demands for more cycle ways is on.

Matt Lowrie is hopeless as a guest.

The reason for the venom between cyclists and car drivers is pretty simple.

Central Government have had an open door policy for lazy and cheap immigration for decades without building the infrastructure for that mass immigration.

Car drivers are stuck in underfunded infrastructure gridlock while cyclists got nothing from infrastructure in the first place. Attempting to build cyclist infrastructure while drivers are in gridlock causes intense friction and we see that friction all the time as militant cyclists share space with angry drivers.

Matt Lowrie is hopeless as a guest.

Finally get around to Mallard’s appalling trespass against politicians and Winston.

Notice how Mallard wasn’t dragged to the Speaker’s Seat as is tradition? Oh he wanted it.

Trev’s appalling history as Speaker is painted out and everyone is reminded how his latest actions are just so stupid.

There is no threat Trev can’t over react to and his actions in provoking the riot demands he resign now!

Fod God’s sakes Trev!

Can we just have a moment of silence for all those brave Tribal Labour & Greens who rushed to defend Trev’s trespassing & who were engaged on the battlefield of dispute justifying the unjustifiable when Trev just flash fried them all by u-turning his trespass order?

We will remember them.

The latest insane attack on free speech is being highlighted. Shutting down discussions on University are just the so damaging and stupid. People should be allowed to debate ideas on campus and the woke just have to accept that.

The horror of what is happening in America with Roe vs Wade is an abomination to every person on conscience. The madness of the Christian Right attempting to ban abortion is an obscenity against progressive Democracy.


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