Pure Temple Woke Dogma vs Broadchurch Left – Why Labour are losing political ground & why universalism is the solution

It’s funny watching the Left struggling to comprehend the TVNZ Poll drop for Labour.

After all the identity politics virtue signals and focusing on issues that impact .1% using intersectionist justifications, the Left are suddenly surprised that the smelly Lumpenproletariat we spent 3 weeks screaming Nazi at don’t want to vote for us.

It’s embarrassing that the Middle Class Marxists in Wellington are doing well while the poor get poorer.

It’s embarrassing that Labour oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth to the richest ever.

It’s embarrassing that we have been less transformative and more working from home privilege.

It’s funny watching the parties and their proxies scramble to drop the alienating woke identity politics pure temple crap and struggle to be politically relevant beyond pronoun pandering and hashtag activism.

Maori Party with gst off food, Green Party with free public transport, Labour with band aids over haemorrhaging wounds, it’s exciting to see them all popped out of their echo chambers for once and having to try and win people over rather than cancel them!

The solution to the woke identity politics alienation and the cost of living crisis are universals.

Rather than die in ditches for tribal pure temple dogma, the Political Left actually have to make people’s lives materially better!

Banning Gay Conversion Therapy is lovely, but it don’t put food on the table or a roof over anyone’s head!

Universal provision of free well funded services is our solution.

Look at the Labour Government’s relief package, a straight 25cent cut to petrol and halving public transport fares. No fucking around with WINZ or MSD! Any benefit raise there is clawed back by the bureaucracy, Labour instead set the change where people would feel it immediately, their pocket!

Labour need to bypass the neoliberal State more often to stop the bureaucracy from stealing it!

Make Public Transport free!

Free school lunches and breakfasts!

GST off fresh fruit and vegetables!

A 30% Government owned Supermarket chain that would permanently reduce food costs.

We look to the State to provide market regulation and a pooling of resources for the best outcome.

Universal provision of well funded public services scares the bejesus out of the Right and the neoliberal public service who prefer to manage contracts than actually do the mahi.

Universal provision of well funded social services is the harvest we all share in a democracy!

If we provide real ways to reduce peoples living costs we can get everyone to buy into the system because for the first time in their lives they see a State focused on reducing their costs not increasing them in an economic system that is rigged for the rich.


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