Prison riot or 501 Gang war – what happens first & why Raptor Force will be back

It was interesting talking to Dr Jarrod Gilbert on The Working Group last week when he predicted that the looming gang war between 501s and the Domestic gangs will become a major election issue by 2023.

The next prison riot or gang war may well become interconnected.

The intense economic pressure impacting every Kiwi right now is also impacting the criminal world as well and in the criminal world that always ends up in an explosion of violence to settle debts or turf war takeover.

I have written countless blogs on the impact of the 501s in NZs domestic gang environment. Despite what politicians attempt to claim, our domestic gangs are pussy cats compared to the uber violence of the Australian crime scene.

These Australian criminals, birthed in NZ but with no actual community roots here, have been mass deported to NZ and their realisation of how soft domestic gangs here are, have embarked upon a massive take over of the domestic gang economy.

This violence was especially apparent before Covid restrictions and have been muted but with society opening up after Covid, and with intense economic pain happening, expect  two fronts to erupt at the same time.

The 501s see this as the perfect opportunity to take over completely so expect prison violence to escalate between the 501s and domestic prisoners, but also expect big power plays against the prisons themselves to occur in the understaffed and Covid locked down prison environment.

The lesson from the Waikeria Prison riot was that the Prison management were lying to the Minister about how understaffed they were and how detrimental that was for the Prisoners living conditions, so we won’t know there is a problem inside the prisons until a riot explodes.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see prison deaths or beatings occur while those riots take place as a means to settle scores and jockey for market share while the gang war outside prison begins.

This will come at a tricky time for Police Intelligence. The easily spooked MPs all believe they survived January 6th over the Dumb Lives Matter protest and the SIS agents who infiltrated the camp (and whose intel ultimately convinced Police to move in) has convinced the Executive that they now have Nazi Monster domestic terrorists everywhere. The hundred million dollar budgets being sorted alongside real time Face recognition mass surveillance is supposed to be used to chase these new Nazi Monsters, but it will also syphon off staff from organised crime.

The Government believes there are Nazi Monsters, so the Intelligence apparatus telling them this and getting resources for that better go find some Nazi Monsters, this will take eyes off the flashing red lights inside Prison and the gang community.

Authorities won’t know what the fuck is happening until the Prison riots and Gang assassinations start.

Once an innocent white middle class kid gets caught up in the cross fire, the NZ public will scream for whatever over the top paramilitary Police State National promises them to feel safe.

National have already tried ‘Raptor Force’ and will immediately trot it out again when the next gang violence shocks.

The enormity of what happens next suggests that this time it will work. Kiwis will be so shocked they will demand a Raptor with an Uzi and dynamite riding a Great White Shark to deal to the gangs.


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