Prime Minister – it’s not too late – apologise today!

I have no time for conspiracy theorists but I understand the anger and frustration which has been driving the Wellington protest, currently under attack from police, with the government’s broken promise on mandates.

From the outset the Prime Minister should have met with representatives of the group and apologised for the broken promise.

Here she is on Newshub’s AM show in September 2020:

On Tuesday (in September 2020) Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went a step further, saying not only will there be no forced vaccinations, but those who choose to opt-out won’t face any penalties at all. 

“No, and we haven’t for any vaccination in New Zealand applied penalties in that way,” Ardern told The AM Show, after being asked if there might be tax penalties or other sanctions for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine. 

“But I would say for anyone who doesn’t take up an effective and tested and safe vaccine when it’s available, that will come at a risk to them.”

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. 

Prime Minister – It’s not too late to say sorry – do it now! Today!

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