Poto Williams & Police Commissioner embark upon gang crackdown that will probably make things worse (why drive by shootings are the least of our worries)

The current crack down and arrests of gang members by the Police is not the great sweeping well thought out counter strike it’s currently being sold as.

What the Police are doing is a reactionary policing action where cops have simply identified Sergeant at Arms and kicked in doors to find guns and take the opportunity to privately talk to enforcers within the gangs in a desperate attempt to gain intelligence and de-escalate.

The problem is that the dynamics of what are actually happening here are well beyond the scope of this current Policing action.

What is happening are unpatched 501 syndicates are pulling strings behind the scenes to escalate conflict between the Killer Beez and Tribesmen in an attempt to gain meth importation from South American Cartels smuggled straight across the border.

That’s a half billion dollar meth trade.

Kicking in doors to warn everyone to play nice or there’s more Police attention coming won’t diminish the fact South American Cartels now see NZ as a viable market and they are actively working with 501 syndicates to gain access to that market.

Kicking in doors and roughing up local enforcers misses the far greater forces at play here and seems almost child like in its optimism.

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