Police used sound canons against Dumb Lives Matter protestors – this is why we needed to de-escalate

The propaganda wins for the far right just keep on coming.

I argued at the beginning we needed adults in the room to radically de-escalate this our we would end up awarding the far right bad faith actors a propaganda victory when we least needed it.

  • Trevor’s appalling counter productive policing decisions.
  • The Wellington Middle Class Marxists who were frightened that the smelly lumpenproletariat they pretend to champion should be so angry at them.
  • The Government’s refusal to listen.
  • Trevor’s appalling counter productive tactics with water and loud music.
  • Trevor trespassing politicians.

Again, I didn’t support these feral lunatics with their insane demands, but I sure as Christ supported their right to protest.

They are wrong about mandates, we were running blind during a pandemic and the Government was acting in real time as best they could, but yes, those broad stroke policy decisions DID impact people negatively economically and that pain needed to be acknowledged!

You can’t negotiate with people who threaten violence, but they have a right to have their concerns heard if not considered. A small team from the Government could have met with these groups. The Police over reaction and resulting 10 hour live streamed recruitment video to radicalise could have been avoided – the entire fiasco should have been handled differently and now it starts a chain reaction of ever increasing gestures.

Also, there wouldn’t be an angry mob of disaffected being actively manipulated by the far right if we on the political Left had done something more meaningful for them in the first place.

All we managed to do by sending in the cops was radicalise 5000 new storm troopers for the unhinged Right and gifted the Intelligence Apparatus a $200million per year windfall for the latest tranche of powers and funding.

Yesterday we had the sympathetic story about Police feeling really stressed out by the Dumb Lives Matter protest, now we know why.

It was to soften up public opinion before they were forced to release OIA info that showed them using rubber bullets, new crowd pepper spray and a fucking sound cannon!

Revealed: Police used sound cannons against Parliament protesters

Police have confirmed sound cannons were deployed against protesters at the recent Parliament occupation.

A document released under the Official Information Act (OIA), revealed two long range acoustic devices (Lrads) were deployed at the Parliament protest on March 2.

Other documents show there was a rush to change rules so pepper spray could be used in crowd control situations, with new products being procured for the purpose.

The anti-mandate protest ended in violence on March 2 when hundreds of police officers, many in riot gear and supported by a helicopter, clashed with crowds of protesters who lit fires and threw cobblestones on Parliament’s forecourt.

Jesus Wept!

How the fuck do we even have this shit in the country and who the hell signed off on using sound weapons at a protest?

This is an extraordinarily bad look by the Police. The rubber bullets and the crowd pepper spray were bad enough, but sound cannons?

That’s another 1000 recruited into radicalism as the economy turns into a recession.

I think the chances of some type of political violence before the 2023 election is 50-50.

We are inadvertently feeding this now.

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