PMs Wellington media handlers embarrass her by allowing antiVaxx hecklers to hijack live interview

The hijacking of the PMs live interview is evidence of how out of touch her Wellington media handlers are with the deep and visceral backlash against lockdown.

The Wellington media handlers know how to control the Press Gallery but their decision to allow a live open air press conference at a time when AntiVaxx extremism is on the rise is remarkably stupid and a reminder of how out of touch Wellington has become with the rest of the country’s lockdown pain.

The Prime Minister should never have been put in that embarrassing position.

Her refusal to answer the questions made her look weak and vulnerable while allowing AntiVaxxers to commandeer a live broadcast!

This was a self inflicted media cluster fuck, don’t do this again Wellington media handlers, you make the Boss look vulnerable, the total opposite of job description.

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