Pike Families respond to final body images – Pike Families

The discovery of further human remains in the final underground images taken from Pike River is emotional but will help with closure for many say Pike River Family members

Anna Osborne says that the find was not a surprise but is still hard. “We’ve known for a long time there was at least one of our men under borehole 47, but that doesn’t make coming back to it any easier.

“What is giving us some comfort is that now, as we get to the end of the project and the mine is sealed, we’re getting real answers about what had happened there.

“Just to see that our men fell where they stood and didn’t suffer for hours or more is so important.”

Sonya Rockhouse says the project has helped her find closure. “It’s strange to think that these are the last images that will come out of the mine, but I feel like we’ve achieved a lot.

“We’ve got so many answers and done as much as we can to get into the drift and then see into the mine. I feel like we have done right by Ben. I just hope now that we have done enough to get justice.”

Rowdy Durbridge says the discovery of the second body helps. “It’s a small thing, but knowing the boys didn’t die alone in there is a comfort to me.

“This has taken a long time, but it’s never too late for justice. I reckon my boy – all the boys I worked with – would be proud of the work done by families and the agency and the police to help put this to rights. We’re thankful of that work.”


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