Parliamentary motion on Palestine – PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!

Kia ora koutou,

We understand a parliamentary motion on Palestine will be moved in parliament in the next two days!

We want you to do TWO things NOW


  1. Email a message to your local MP urging them to support a motion which recognises Palestine and calls for “accountabilities” for Israel – either make it personal or copy the message below into an email.
  2. Now send a simple message to ALL other MPs. Just copy and paste the full list into BCC.


Sample message to MPs:


Subject line: VOTE for Palestine and Palestinian human rights


Kia ora,

Please support a parliamentary motion backing Palestine and Palestinians

I have seen on social media that a parliamentary motion on Palestine is likely to be moved in the Aotearoa New Zealand parliament in the next two days.

I urge you to support a motion which recognises the state or Palestine and calls for accountability measures from Israel which has been in flagrant breach of international law and United Nations resolutions for 73 years.

Already 138 countries (72%) recognise a Palestinian state – Aotearoa New Zealand should join them.

Israel has turned what could have been a Palestinian state into a block of Swiss Cheese with over 300 illegal Israeli settlements and outposts on Palestinian land.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has repeatedly said the death and destruction rolls on in the Middle East because there are no accountabilities for Israel for any of its egregious behaviour towards the Palestinian people who live under Israeli military occupation.

Earlier this month United Nations Human rights experts released a report saying:

“An occupying power that initiates and expands civilian settlements in defiance of international law and the Rome Statute cannot be serious about peace,” the experts said. “Equally, an international community that does not impose accountability measures on a defiant occupying power contrary to international law cannot be serious about its own laws.”

Please help ensure this proposed parliamentary motion will implement “accountabilities” on Israel – at least in response to United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 which was co-sponsored by New Zealand under the National-led government in 2016.

Please vote to support the people of Palestine!


(your name)


MP email addresses

Labour MP emails:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Māori Party MP emails:;;


Green MP emails:;;;;;;;;;;


National MP emails:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


ACT MP emails:;;;;;;;;;;



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