Parliament Protest Meltdown: On negotiating with lunatics & the Woke Left calling in the military

Mallard’s actions last week on Thursday Stupid Thursday is finally being challenged by the Stockholm Syndrome Press Gallery.

Last week, this feral lunatic jamboree was dying off on Thursday morning and losing momentum right up until Trev threw a short man tantrum and called in the cops to clear the lawn. The resulting melee and 122 arrests created a common enemy and produced a 10 hour live stream recruitment video.

Mallard’s spraying them with water and loud music have been criticised by the Police and they have come out saying they can’t arrest their way out of this.

Complicating matters for Labour are the woke activist left whose puritanical dogma must see all disagreement as a hate crime. Their need to paint everyone at the Parliament protest as a Nazi is part of their woke faith and you see Labour’s Woke Lords already calling for the military to be brought in…

…these middle class dickheads on Twitter must be ignored.

This is not the time to radicalise or enflame the situation, Trevor has already done that, the martial law revenge fantasies of middle class activists who haven’t even been to the protest  aren’t helping and are only illuminating their own smug privilege.

I never thought I’d ever get to the stage in NZ politics where I was holding back the Left from calling on the the State to smash their fellow citizen – I always thought that was a threat from the Right!

What is needed is more patience and time -why? Because the alternative is the revenge fantasies of the woke where 200 Police with batons, pepper spray and dogs are set on women, children and the poor.

Is that the legacy image Jacinda wants for her time as Prime Minister?

Police bashing supposed ‘Nazis’ on the front lawn of Parliament?

AUT came out with research yesterday showing that Far Right Steve Bannon aligned Propaganda Units like CounterSpin have had unprecedented online hate spread compared to NZ mainstream media – for example 305 videos from these groups over the last week got 4.9 millions views while the total weekly views for mainstream NZ media was 5.5million (although AUT make the ‘Billy TK mistake’ and don’t note that much of that misinformation is a global audience). There might not be Nazi’s at the protest but Far Right propagandists are manipulating these protestors into believing some pretty demented versions of reality which is ultimately a threat to our Democracy, but painting them all as Nazis is stupid and only provides more smug arrogance to use any force necessary.

Jacinda is right not to meet or negotiate with protestors using threats of violence, B-U-T this isn’t about negotiating, this is about de-escalation and shrinking the size of this so that it can just be pushed off Parliament Lawns rather than 200 baton wielding riot police.

Instead of ‘negotiation’, an MP with mana needs to formally meet with protestors and take their list of concerns to the top table, and in doing so, the protestors need to agree to leave.

These protestors want what any aggrieved citizen wants, to be heard. Sure, there are some crypto-fascists amongst this crowd who want to do harm, but listening to the concerns of the least demented so that they go home is a far better proposal than sending in the military as the working from home middle class woke now want.

Why am I so certain that this symbolism of an MP collecting concerns will de-escalate things?

Because Omicron is coming.

Once it hits this makeshift shit village it will cause enormous sickness and the place will fold in upon itself due to illness.

Rather than using extreme Police force or military actions which will radicalise even more dispossessed and economically hurt people, allow the virus to do it all for you!

We can get through this!

Democracy is a messy, frustrating and infuriating process, but that’s what makes it so glorious!

The pain of the working classes and the way the mandates impact them harshest vs the woke middle class work from home revenge fantasies is a political issue that must be examined because the injustice of all that Government money propping up and enriching those very same middle class work from home woke wankers SHOULD be examined and the economic pain bourn by the poorest ‘essential workers’ does need a political solution.

Labour have ruled for the rich and have over seen the largest wealth transfer in modern history and with rents soaring, food prices soaring, the cost of living exploding, people are going to take that economic insecurity and vomit it up on politicians.

If we don’t find a solution, get ready for those protestors to stay or force an action by the Police so extreme we birth a whole new domestic terrorism.

Again, great work Trev! No one else could have made this so toxic.

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