Parliament Lawn Protests: Winners, Losers & what happens next?

This figurative shit fight became a literal one this week as the feral lunatics of the Parliament Lawn flung faeces at cops while cops piled on the bollard pressure to cauterise this weeping wound of a protest.

Pushing became shoving and shoving became the new normal.

Winston grinned his most manipulative grin.

The Police looked impotent and the Government by refusing to meet looked arrogant.

Winston kept grinning.

The feral lunatic protestors above decided that it wasn’t Omicron making them sick, but secret Government mind lasers that they need tinfoil hats to protect them from.




David Seymour: He has ended up being the only adult in the room trying to de-escalate this madness. Has shown Luxon how to be a Statesman.


Omicron: It can’t believe its luck that anti-mandate protestors are so stupid in providing it with a bullet train to a super spreader event.


Public Health: The stats speak for themselves, Labour’s Covid response has been a public health victory of unparalleled success.


You want me to do what now?

Andrew Coster: By refusing to be the agent of woke vengeance, Coster has saved NZ from an event that would have overshadowed Bastion Point and the Springbok Tour in terms of State violence.  All patriots owe him a debt of gratitude.


Less silver fox, more rusted vulture

Winston Peters: If Winston was a Superhero, his super power would be opportunism. The breakdown of those at the protest shows the reason why he is there fishing in such a toxic pool…

The picture painted by Curia Research is of a protest crowd drawn overwhelmingly from rural and provincial New Zealand: Fully 67.6 percent of the persons questioned came from somewhere other than Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Rural dwellers made up 7.7 percent of the crowd; those living in provincial towns 18.9 percent; and provincial city-dwellers the remaining 41 percent. This latter figure is almost double the actual number of New Zealanders living in provincial cities.

This skewed provincial representation is significant. What it tells us is that the people participating in this protest have a great deal in common with the Americans who supported Donald Trump. They, too, hailed from places seldom visited by the metropolitan elites. Cities and towns that once boasted thriving industries and buoyant economies, but which, over the past 35 years, have seen far too many factories – along with the small businesses that serviced them – shut down and fail. Communities that once boasted public hospitals, polytechnics, post-offices and banks – not to mention their own proudly independent newspapers – have been stripped of key infrastructure and left to rot.

For many years, however, the primary victims of this neglect continued to vote for the parties of change: Labour, the Alliance, the Greens and NZ First; in hopes that their lives would be made better. Curia Research reveals that very close to 50 percent of the protesters occupying Parliament Grounds voted for one of Labour, the Greens and NZ First in 2020. This finding is powerfully reminiscent of the significant number of 2016 Trump voters who had backed Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Hell hath no fury, it would seem, like a voter scorned, disappointed and betrayed.

…Winnie is there hoping to catch political resentment vote which he can manipulate closer to the 2023 election.


“I don’t” – I now pronounce you crazy

Anti-Mandate Activists: The extraordinary win in Court by the NZDF and Police against mandatory vaccinations gives Anti-mandate activists an enormous moral boost for their cause and provides justification for their protest. It’s an insane justification because huddling together during a pandemic is insanity, but there was a wedding at this lunacy today so we are just so far past sanity it doesn’t matter.


Not all Hero’s wear capes

NZ Far Right & disinformation: They have won the propaganda war by pretending their war isn’t propaganda. They will realise their power lasts until the Government drops the mandates so expect them to attempt to manufacture a conflict for their recruitment purposes.



Feral Lunatic Protestors: These protestors are like a contagious mental illness! I don’t think the protestors are Nazi’s, I believe their economic pain has been manipulated by the far right & I defend their right to protest, but sweet Jesus they are  lunatics! This is actual madness now – we are being held hostage by feral lunatics – yet I still support their right to protest, because that’s what tolerance in a liberal progressive democracy is supposed to be about – not agreeing with your madness, but accepting your right to believe it!


Middle Class Marxists: A working class revolution came to Wellington and it was the middle class marxists who were revolted! The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! They don’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism and see Nazis everywhere. There are no adults left to de-escalate this, the woke have too much social capital and likes on Twitter at stake to do anything other than denounce Nazi monsters and claim anyone not denouncing the protestors as Nazi monsters are themselves Nazi monsters.


The Wider Left: The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered. The way many middle class NZ twitter cry out for military intervention in this protest is extraordinary and I don’t think they appreciate how this will stain them or the wider Left forever.


Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

Greens: Totally missing in action. For a Party that is built on protest this is shameful.


Jacinda & Labour: The Government can’t negotiate with protestors promising violence, but by refusing to engage in any way meaningful the Government can be accused of not listening and it starts looking arrogant, especially in light of the devastating Mandatory Vaccine legal case.


National: Luxon’s problem is that graph. He can complain and attempt to harvest Covid impatience, but the reality is National wouldn’t have done anything differently or nearly as competently. Luxon can’t win votes here because Labour’s Covid response has been one of the best in the world.


Upside down, the CTU logo is the Chinese character for ‘Failure’

CTU, ETU & PSA: PSA & ETU embarrassingly back CTU in denouncing protests for Lumpenproletariat If you wanted a clearer picture of the Cognitive dissonance that is plaguing the Middle Class Woke Marxists, it’s the CTU, E Tu and PSA, organisations built by protest, organisations that actively uses protest, attacking another protest because it’s not the right kind of protest.


Dumb Lives Matter

The Lumpenproletariat: I have zero truck with these feral lunatic’s arguments, hell I was attempting to goad them into voting me in their Nuremberg hanging list a fortnight ago, but they have a right to protest and their rage has been manufactured by the Left’s lack of transformative change. This protest may not be working class politics, but it is working class misery that is being manipulated by the far right on the lawns of Parliament! This is the Left’s fault! Imagine if Labour and the Greens had done something meaningful over the last 4 years for the lumpenproletariat so that there wasn’t this rage to exploit by the far right in the first place? What did Labour do? Pour billions into the pockets of property speculators and is now trying to pour billions more into an unemployment insurance scam that empowers white collar union workers the most! If we don’t want so many angry, frightened and hurt working class people turning to the Nazi’s, maybe do something meaningful about their anger, hurt and fear first?



Middle Class Marxist back-pedal: When Woke Lord Morgan Godfrey, (the man with the most pretentious selfie in modern human history),  can climb down from ‘Everyone’s a Nazi’, then any Middle Class Marxist can. They are only just now appreciating how their calls to bring in the military to bash the dirty smelly lumpenproletariat has damaged their brand, and suggests a terrible future ahead if they should ever gain hate speech laws. The attempt to have Dr Bryce Edwards sacked from his University job for challenging the woke mantra is chilling.


Antifa facing off against Nazi’s in 2017

Wellington ANTIFA: Back in 2017, Wellington Antifa clashed with Nazi’s outside Parliament, and my guess is that they very well might step up where Police won’t. I can see the angry Wellington middle class rhetoric about every protestor being a Nazi exploding this weekend or next with an Antifa attack to smash cars and attack Convoy vehicles. The problem when a Community is under threat is that the under threat Community strikes back even if the cops won’t.


Omicron: Ultimately this fiasco will die out as Omicron sweeps the protest village. No need to send in the riot police when ambulances will work.




The most appalling realisation is that there is a chunk of our population utterly disconnected from reality who have had their misery manipulated by bad faith actors. It’s time to ask why the Left have lost so many of the Lumpenproletariat in the first place.

Imagine if we on the Left had actually been transformational on housing, poverty and inequality over the last 4 years.

Would there be anyone to be manipulated by the far right if we had been half as successful as we pretend to have been?

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