PANIC TIME: China wants to be America in the Pacific

The plans China has in the Pacific to integrate Police forces, telecommunications and expand their Fishing Militia bases which have traditionally been used to encroach and take other nations fishing grounds are proof positive that the Cold War in the Pacific is now heating up…

China ‘risks new Cold War’ as it pursues strategic alliances in Pacific

Beijing has been accused of risking a new “Cold War” with the West after it emerged that China’s foreign minister is pursuing a regional deal with almost a dozen Pacific islands including heightened security co-operation.

The five-year plan signals Beijing’s intent to significantly expand its footprint in the Indo-Pacific region. It is set to be discussed by Wang Yi and his Pacific counterparts in Fiji on May 30, as China’s foreign minister embarks on a tour of the region starting on Thursday.

But in a letter sent to 21 Pacific leaders, David Panuelo, the president of the Federated States of Micronesia, said his nation would argue the “pre-determined joint communique” should be rejected because it could prompt a new “Cold War” between China and the West, according to Reuters.

The plan would shift Pacific Islands that hold diplomatic relations with China “very close into Beijing’s orbit, intrinsically tying the whole of our economies and societies to them”, he added.

…so China wants the power over the Pacific that America has had over NZ and Australia since the NSA gained access to all our mass surveillance powers?


The difference of course is that America is an imperfect Democracy led by a Military Industrial Complex while China is a ruthless Authoritarian Communist state currently carrying out a cultural genocide on the Tibetan People, the people of Hong Kong and the Uyghurs…

The Xinjiang Police Files: Thousands of photos emerge from China’s secretive Uyghur detention camps

Thousands of leaked police photos have emerged from China’s Xinjiang province, shedding light on the secretive detention camps where more than one million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities are believed to be detained.

…China is our Economic Overlord, Australia is our loud mouthed rude neighbour and America is our 5 Eyes Political Master, so to think we will be immune from such volatility between China, Australia and America is delusional.

To date NZ has managed to keep out of any direct confrontation with China because China bought the National Party and the National Party did everything in their decade of power to bend over backwards to China.

Key put all our cows in one Beijing paddock off the back of Helen’s free trade deal, and we’ve been trapped ever since.

China is not a benign force for good, we need to understand that.


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