TDB Christmas Contribution Drive

All of us here at TDB wish you and your whanau a surreal Christmas.

The Working Group – the Newest & Greatest weekly political podcast not funded by NZ on Air with Matthew Hooton, Matt McCarten & Damien Grant

This week libertarian liquidator and Ctullah of capitalism, Damien Grant, Moral Shepard of the Right, Matthew Hooton and Former Labour…

A necessary & important NZ Police smack down

High Court rules against police in unprecedented proceeds-of-crime case The High Court has ruled against the police who are trying…

What the GCSB are really saying

The legal fig leaf for this mass vetting of Chinese nationals is the pretense that information sourced from Australia, Britain,…

Shock Last Roy Morgan Poll for 2021 – Labour in danger

The last Roy Morgan Poll is out for 2021 and it shows National, ACT & Maori Party ahead of Labour/Green…

Hospo workers need to put safety ahead of business as usual with Vaccine Passes

Hospitality workers can get advice from Unite’s HospoHelp service: Free Phone: 0508 467 764 Text: 022 564 3577 Email:

Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: And we are free?

And here’s Tom with the weather.

Preparing To Enter The Traffic Light System – Expert Reaction – Science Media Centre

How can New Zealanders make good decisions to lower risk and keep safe when we enter the new Traffic Light…

The Liberal Agenda – 7pm tonight MagicTalk Radio THUNDERDOME OF TALKBACK

7pm on MagicTalk Radio THUNDERDOME OF TALKBACK Graeme Hill vs Damien Grant vs Bomber Tonight: First week analysis of Luxon…

Political Caption Competition

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces a shocked spider monkey will be the new Minister of Health.