Oranga Tamariki lied about sexual abuse response & no one is punished? Why can’t we go all Kamahl Santamaria on OT?

Mungo no understand.

We can destroy International Man of Mystery and apparent recreational rapist Kamahl Santamaria (and any white male who hired him) because glorified quarter of a million dollar autocue readers on the state broadcaster feel triggered, yet nothing fucking happens when Oranga Tamariki lies to the State about sexual harm programs????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Oranga Tamariki hid sexual violence project report – ministers, officials

Oranga Tamariki’s botched sexual violence project was hidden from top officials and the Public Services Commissioner Peter Hughes, who was supposed to have oversight of it.

The Government says what went on was an “incredibly serious” failure by Oranga Tamariki (OT), but Government ministers said they did not know anything about the “mess” that jeopardised the $60 million project.

Last week RNZ revealed the internal report by independent assessors for Oranga Tamariki which last year found the project team was so dysfunctional and inadequate that OT had to shut it down and start over 20 months on.

Hughes who chaired the board of a cross-agency anti-violence joint venture, said OT told him late last year its work was on track.

“I was not aware of the independent review report, which resulted in a programme being closed down,” Hughes told RNZ last Friday.

“It is disappointing I have only found this out now.”

Delays still plague the $15m-a-year programme aimed at boosting support to all children who have been sexually abused.

This is at a time when a new briefing shows OT is dealing with 400 rangatahi in care who have been sexually abused and knows of 1500 instances of sex abuse against children each year.

The April 2021 review that shut down the team said it failed to plan for expanding existing sexual crisis services even though that was central to its 2019-20 Budget bid that snared $60m.

…let me see if I can get this completely fucking straight.

An Oranga Tamariki program to support sexually abused children that was central to gaining access to $60million was so corrupt, so useless, so ineffective that Bureaucrats lied and hid it to other Bureaucrats until the entire fiasco was simply shut down???

No one has been held accountable, no one has faced anything like the media attention for Kamahl Santamaria and BECAUSE of the Kamahl Santamaria story, this story about OT failing so unbelievably has been utterly eclipsed?

How the fuck is this happening?

How is Kamahl Santamaria’s misdemeanour MORE IMPORTANT than Wellington Bureaucrats lying and hiding their failures for a $60million program to help children who have been sexually abused????

How the fuck is this a functioning news media industry?

Why are woke micro aggression policing stories a bigger scandal than Wellington Bureaucrats lying and hiding corrupted taxpayer funded programs to protect and heal children damaged by actual sexual assaults and not imagined ones?

Why am I the first person to fucking point this out?

Why isn’t everyone else as equally disgusted?

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