One graph highlights all that is wrong with the fight against climate change in NZ

On the eve of failure at COPOUT26 it’s important to walk away from the bullshit attempt to individualise climate change…

…for NZ that reality is the above chart. These are the companies causing the climate crisis, not individuals!

The problem for the Greens philosophically is they are wedded to identity politics and the millennial policing of micro aggressions so attempting to pull focus away from individuals to the economic hegemonic structure isn’t their skill set any longer.

We need to be far kinder to individuals and far crueler to Corporations.

We should start by moving away from seeing cycling, veganism and recycling as the personal solutions and we should start taxing those profiting from the pollution!

By constantly pretending the individual can fix the climate crisis by riding a bike, eating tofu and sorting your plastics we let the corporations responsible for the pollution to get away with murder.


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