Omicron in NZ – Political Winners & Losers

Look at Hooton’s Omicron spread this month using the Hootonian equation of 33% Omicron increase…

…I suspect he did this to shit all over the modellers advice so that he could attack the Government’s credibility, but look at those numbers, if he is right we are staring down 111993 cases by the end of the month.

There is no way NZ is ready for that.

Omicron is the game changer, it’s the version of the virus that can spread fastest while leaving most with simply a very bad head flu.

That said, we’ve been threatened with terrible consequences from previous variants that never eventuated BECAUSE we did as we were told and our 90% double vaccination program worked.

This leads to an insane situation where people’s impatience at inconvenience eclipses our low death rate and hospitalisation rates.

Jacinda’s success is being used to damn her!

While that happens, ZB Host wannabe and future National Party candidate, Charlotte Bellis is claiming the Taliban are kinder than Jacinda. That’s like seriously claiming Donald Trump had the election stolen.

There are of course winners & losers.


Taliban – After Charlotte Bellis’s glowing reference, the Taliban are now woke as fuck and would like us to all know their pronouns are He-Him.

David Seymour – His line that Labour are subcontracting maternity leave to the Taliban was so hilarious, it hides the far right race war mongering of ACTs policies.

Death Cult Capitalists – They have finally won the day by demanding the borders open so that hyper tourism, migrant worker exploitation, International Student scams and death can re-enter NZ because nothing matters as much as the travelling class getting back to their winter holidays in Thailand.

Globalists at Stuff – The globalists at Stuff have won with their never ending sob stories to ensure their own global skill set can always travel.



Luxon – He is screaming for MIQ to be closed and will have those words force fed back to him if Hooton’s numbers explode.

Labour – They are incapable of moving on the real issues their voters elected them for, Housing, Inequality, Poverty and meaningful climate change. Keeping us safe from Covid is yesterdays story, what have you done for me lately Labour? Where’s the vision? Their face masks have blinded them.

MIQ – It has served to protect us and is now more hated than Hitler. It has kept us safe and yet it has been denigrated, wait for the scream from Kiwis to shut it if Hooton’s numbers eventuate.

Domestic Kiwis – The hyper tourism market that exist to sell red bull to tourists are laughing. The industries that benefit from migrant worker exploitation laugh. All those kiwis stupid enough to travel during a pandemic are gleeful. The international student scam are dancing with joy. Welcome back exploited migrant workers and Students and tourists who will block our public transport, who will place rent pressures on domestic renters, who will crowd our groaning infrastructure! Expect house prices to explode. Weep dear Kiwi at the plague seeping in, weep at our Fortress NZ protection ripped away from us at a time when external shockwaves become the norm, weep that our quality of life plunges again.



Labour’s previous defence of Covid isn’t enough now, politics is ruthless like that. If we get the numbers predicted, if Omicron hits us hard, people will flee back to Labour because that’s what happens during an emergency, and 400 dead by April and hundreds of thousands sick and over filling hospital wards will be a national emergency. If it doesn’t eventuate, Luxon can pretend Jacinda’s over caution is the threat, not Covid.


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