That, the United States of America, claiming moral outrage, can call for a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, is hypocrisy in the extreme. 

But, maybe it’s just trying to avoid the embarrassment of having any of its political leaders arrested and charged with war crimes or crimes against humanity, should they leave US shores to go to the Olympics.

Having ridden roughshod over every ethical, moral and political principle that world governing bodies have ever codified into mutually agreed conventions, the United States is a rogue state whose hubris knows no bounds 

For its waging of illegal wars, the targeting of civilians, the destruction of civil infrastructure, use of chemical, biological and atomic-waste weapons, instigating insurrection, ordering political assassination, engineering the collapse of foreign economies, destruction of the means of self-sufficiency, illegal detention, torture and murder, the pillaging of foreign assets and the illegal seizure of sovereign financial treasure, and all of it responsible for the death and displacement of millions resulting in the global refugee crisis, the United States of America has nothing to teach anyone about morality.

Built on a one-party system feigning two options, in which the electorate’s child-like idea of democracy is kept alive by the media promotion of a cloying Disneyesque jingoism, the United States operates a ruthless system of weaponised Capitalism, more akin to a Mafia protection racket than that of a senior member of the brotherhood of nations. 

Supported by an odious phalanx of sycophants whose fortunes it maintains, for as long as they’re of use, the US not only turns a blind eye to the genocide Israel is waging on the Palestinians, and that being visited on the Yemenis by the Saudis, while also funding both, but deploys its destructive influences wherever its Military Industrial Complex can sell another bullet or bomb or plunder another country’s resources. 

And as its pernicious policies exacerbate the ever-increasing divide between rich and poor across the world, the US, under the guise of protecting Democracy, aides and abets the rise of Fascism wherever it can, knowing full well the advantages to its hegemony such regimes provide.

And in the meantime, wooed onto the bandwagon by our bought-and-paid-for media, we go along for the ride.



Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2021/12/10/olympic-boycott-real-moral-outrage/

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