Oh look at that, exactly as TDB predicted, here comes the crypto-Police State & the defaming of pro-Palestine activists

THE VERY THING TDB WARNED when the adults refused to de-escalate this Dumb Lives Matter Parliamentary Lawn fiasco was that it would radicalise NZers!

All we succeeded in doing was recruit for the far right! That’s why we had to de-escalate this and not use State violence and let it explode into a riot at the end!

BECAUSE there were so many bad faith actors wishing to gain propaganda from a violent state over reaction, we had to de-escalate!

Do you understand the point I was making?

Well we didn’t de-escalate and here’s the fucking radicalisation…

Parliament protest: Intelligence reports reveal assessments of possible violent extremism in aftermath

New documents reveal New Zealand intelligence agencies’ assessments of possible violent extremism related to the parliamentary protest and the Government’s COVID-19 response. 

The most recent of the documents, dated March 4, said it was “likely” a small minority of individuals in New Zealand “have or will develop the intent to carry out an act of extremist violence” in either reprisal to the protest clearance or to “compensate for a perceived lack of ‘success’”.  

…Yes those economically and socially damaged by Covid restrictions were led astray by Far Right Propagandists, but this doesn’t happen in a vacuum! The crippling cost of living crisis, the total lack of traction on housing, welfare, poverty – ALL of them combined here and if the Left had done something meaningful and material about that economic pain (rather than bullshit virtue signalling crap), the underclass wouldn’t have a rage and pain that was so easily manipulated by those far right propagandists!

So what’s next?

Let me tell you what’s next, the following intelligence apparatus…

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

…all have their hands out demanding more budget and powers to hunt the ‘Nazis’.

‘Nazis’ who wouldn’t have become ‘Nazis’ if we hadn’t gifted this radicalisation coup to the far right in the first fucking place!

The gold medal in Outrage Olympics is the ability to paint your enemy out as the worst monster in civilisation so that their argument can be smothered in damnation all because woke thresholds have been triggered, that’s why it was so important for the Left to denounce everyone at the Dumb Lives Matter protest as a ‘Nazi’.

Hilariously the report specifies that there were no actual Nazis at the protest…

While Nazi symbols were pictured at the site, CTAG wrote that this “is highly likely intended to portray the current Government’s actions as comparable to those of Nazi Germany, and are not indicative of widespread support for Nazi or other fascist ideologies”.

…what is particularly insidious is the enemies list the intelligence apparatus listed and note who has slyly been added to the list of people the Eye of Mordor will now fall upon…

They also assessed there was a “realistic possibility” that the PMVE rhetoric at the protest could “radicalise individuals not already on the violent extremist spectrum”, the document said.

It noted that protesters at Parliament had “a wide variety of agenda”, including some that had “no obvious links to COVID-19”. That includes those supporting the Sovereign Citizen movement, anti-communism, pro-Palestine and anti-Three Waters.

…why the fuck are pro-Palestinian activists on this list? What possible trigger justifies their surveillance? How did they get slotted onto the enemies list?

In the rush to reorientate the intelligence apparatus of NZ to spy domestically on new threats, who is checking these decisions being made at the height of panic?

We chose as a nation not to de-escalate the protest, we chose to escalate and radicalise people.

Frightened middle class Wellington Marxists, the elite press gallery and the MPs all believed they survived a January 6th insurrection, their fear made them blunder.

We now have to manage the legacy of their fear and anger.

The ramping up of surveillance budgets, the moving of the Eye of Mordor, the new crypto-Police State rising – these are all now our responsibility as Citizens to monitor because we allowed it to birth on Parliament’s Lawns with Trev’s temper tantrums.

The woke will cheer the crypto-Police State that’s looming.

There are no adults left in the room.

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