Of course MIQ will close for Omicron

Chris Hipkins reveals decision on borders, boosters amid Omicron threat

The Government has announced a suite of changes to bolster New Zealand’s defences against the Omicron variant of Covid-19 – including shortening the booster shot gap, rolling out the Pfizer vaccine for young people from January, and pushing out changes to the country’s border rules until the end of February.

The changes just announced by Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins include:
• The interval between the second dose and the booster shot reduced from 6 months to 4 months – over 82 per cent of vaccinated Kiwis will be eligible for a booster by the end of February 2022
• Eligible border and health workers required to get booster dose
• Pre-departure test requirement to enter NZ reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours before travel
• Phased border re-opening pushed out to the end of February
• Roll out of paediatric doses of Pfizer for 5-11s. Rollout to start from 17 January prior to school returning in 2022
• Temporary change to MIQ – length of stay increased to 10 days for all travellers, with no self-isolation component
• Everyone on an international flight with a positive case to be treated as a close contact
• All countries removed from Very High-Risk country list
• Cabinet confirms use of traffic light system to manage future outbreaks and in the event of Omicron community cases areas will move into the red traffic light setting

The rules of travel during a pandemic are as follows:

If another Covid outbreak happens, and we have to tighten MIQ, too fucking bad.

We will not tolerate you whining to the media about getting locked out, we will not tolerate you calling Jacinda heartless and we will not tolerate your demands to get back in!

The only travel should be urgent, if you are travelling because you are sad sad by the lack of travel and get locked out or in, dems da breaks!

You can’t say you haven’t been warned!

So say all of us.


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