NZ Supreme Court meltdown – A Tale of two Kims

Sending a NZ resident to China for trial when China’s judicial system is so disgustingly corrupt is a shocker on the rocker…

Supreme Court decision to allow extradition to China causes global concern

Politicians across Western democracies are concerned by the decision of New Zealand’s Supreme Court to allow extradition to China.

The top court said it was comfortable with China’s assurances that a New Zealand resident, Kyung Yup Kim, would receive a fair trial in China, on a charger of murder.

ACT leader David Seymour joined the chorus of human rights advocates on Thursday, calling the Supreme Court’s decision “completely wrong”.

“If they seriously think a person is going to get a fair trial in a country run by the CCP, then they’re dreaming,” he said.

…this exact same situation is being played out with Kim Dotcom, except with Kim, the crimes he’s accused of by America aren’t actually on the extradition list.

The Supreme Court is not just the embodiment of independent NZ justice and law, it’s supposed to stand for the values of NZ as well!

Sending a NZ resident back to a corrupt Communist regime who abuse the rule of law is NOT a NZ value.

Sending a NZ resident back to a corrupt American regime who is attempting to create the precedence of American sovereignty over cyber space for Corporate Hollywood virtue signalling for copyright infringement that isn’t even on the extradition list is NOT a NZ value.

The Supreme Court can take on Māori values when they pass judgement, but not NZ values???

The Supreme Court has failed NZ.

The most depressing part of this, is that it’s now all being left to Labour’s least confident Minister, Kris Faafoi, where his Justice Statue is deaf, blind and dumb.

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