NZ isn’t ready for the ideological extremism & political polarisation a National/ACT government would bring – can Winston save NZ first?

What I don’t think punters get yet is just how extreme a National/ACT Government would be.

Luxon believes in evangelical prosperity theory meaning his 7 properties are proof positive Jesus loves him. This false certainty of knowing he is blessed is what National are selling a frightened electorate, his self certainty, not the numerous counter-productive policy positions National keeps taking.

In short, people pissed off with Jacinda don’t care if National’s crime policy will cause worse outcomes, because we are all being political masochists angry at the current Government.

We are collectively cutting off our noses to spite our face here with National.

Because Luxon is only interested in the first class customers (those who can’t fly are ‘bottom feeders’), he’s too intellectually vain to bother with policy and prefers ‘management’ and in Christopher’s world,  the little people do the policy stuff.

This is dangerous because David Seymour desperately wants a life beyond politics so will pass radical policy so he can hand on hart tell Free Market Satan he did all he could to mutilate the State before leaving ACT.

This means the quick yellow fox will jump all over the lazy blue log.

David will get all he wants from Chris who will be convinced his win is a sign from God.

The vast majority who have walked away from Labour to National don’t understand what they are getting yet with hard right policy from ACT.

Unfortunately for Labour, as they plunge in the polls, the Left’s woke activist base are screaming at everyone how racist, transphobic and sexist they all are which is electorally alienating as fuck.

That leaves space for NZ First to return to power.

They are just shy of 3% in the latest Taxpayers Union Curia Poll and were 4% in the Talbot internal poll last month.

If NZ First are 3% today, they are almost certainly 5% on Election Day. The extremism of National/ACT vs the woke nonsense of the Left make a perfect sweet spot for Winston to return, except this time he would be a handbrake on National/ACT Government AND the Labour/Green/Maori Party Government.

Only actual death can stop Winston returning to politics, and even then he could probably win if his name is still on the ballot.

How NZ First would alter the political make up of the next Government is an essential oversight to consider if you are trying to gain insight into election 2023.


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