NZ Antifa Swatting tactics against Islamaphobic racist Paster generates counterproductive propaganda

Police seize rifle, ammo from Christchurch pastor Carl Bromley’s house in New Year’s Eve raid

A conservative Christchurch pastor has lashed out at what he calls the “totalitarian state” of New Zealand after police raided his house on New Year’s Eve, seizing a rifle, gun parts and ammunition.

I’ve hunted down and outed actual online white supremacists who ran an Australian neoNazi website and back in 1997 on TV3 I tracked down West Auckland NeoNazis Unit88.

So I make the following criticisms as someone who has fought at the coalface of NZ fascism well before it was fashionable.

Snowflake millennials perceive a difference of opinion as persecution so their easily triggered low thresholds for hate speech becomes quickly swamped and desensitised.

Woke activists are using loopholes in the Firearms Act by calling in the Police as part of a ‘swatting’ tactic popularised by white supremacist thugs in America calling in false reports of shots fired to addresses of BLM activists in the hope that the over zealous Police will shot first and ask questions later.

The NZ woke version is of course a lot less violent. They manufacture statements made by the target as threatening and dangerous so the the Police roll up using warrantless searches to break into the targets house, take their property.

They did that to Rachel Stewart last year and they are extending it to this dickhead Paster.

He had a .22 rifle with less than 10 rounds meaning he might kill more people with a knife, that’s not exactly the tool for a religious inspired mass slaughter.

The problem is that these types of swatting tactics are counter productive because it creates propaganda for the far right.

Police bursting into your home without warrant to ransack it and smash through their space of worship to seize a .22 riffle is a fucking recruitment drive for these nutters!

At a time of perverse radicalisation, woke activists are adding fuel to the fire while handing ammunition to our enemies.

If this is what the woke can do under the Firearms laws, wait till they get the hate speech powers.

What do you all think happens to these immense state powers with a change of government? Do you think the state powers magically disappear or do you think the Right would start doing bad things with those powers?

Stop using the State to smite your personal nemesis, once the State gets a taste for blood and civil liberties there’s no stopping it!


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