Now Gang war has erupted – is Strike Force Raptor Part 2 the solution?

Auckland gang wars: Two more houses shot up overnight

Police have been kept busy overnight with reports of at least two more shooting incidents on opposite sides of Auckland.

Police said in a statement they’re investigating after reports of gunshots in the eastern suburb of Mellons Bay on Bleakhouse Road.

Counties Manukau detective inspector Warrick Adkin said a house was shot up just before 9pm. No injuries had currently been reported. 

Footage from the scene shows what appears to be bullet holes in the front windows of a house.

Newshub understands the shooting was part of the ongoing gang war between the Killer Beez and Tribesmen.

Oh, look at that, the gang war TDB has been warning has been building for 2 years is erupting.

What happens now?

The intense economic pressure impacting every Kiwi right now is also impacting the criminal world as well and in the criminal world that always ends up in an explosion of violence to settle debts or turf war takeover.

I have written countless blogs on the impact of the 501s in NZs domestic gang environment. Despite what politicians attempt to claim, our domestic gangs are pussy cats compared to the uber violence of the Australian crime scene.

These Australian criminals, birthed in NZ but with no actual community roots here, have been mass deported to NZ and their realisation of how soft domestic gangs here are, have embarked upon a massive take over of the domestic gang economy.

This is a unique event in the NZ underworld and is rupturing across the gang spectrum as unpatched and patched 501 syndicates stand over local gangs and attempt to take over the meth trade.

The biggest dividing line between the Australian faction and the domestic gangs is their source of meth. The Australians link to incredibly dangerous South American cartels who are another factor up in terms of violence and ruthlessness. The product is a far higher quality and cheaper.

Domestic gangs get their meth shipped in via the Port and Airport through Triad links from Asia who then have the Biker gangs transport to other domestic gangs.

This over supply has led to the price drop we see now.

The tensions between the Killer Beez and Tribesmen is steeped in bitter history and reveal the market tensions of the meth trade.

The Killer Bees were a youth feeder gang for the Tribesmen back in late 90s early 2000s but they fell out with the more established gangs by selling meth throughout Auckland. This led to the other gangs all turning secret evidence against the KBs who had their leadership taken out by a large Police Operation at the time.

Now the KBs are looking to help 501 syndicates gain more access to the NZ meth scene, bypassing the Port and Airport (which are run by the King Cobras and the Headhunters whom 501s have been battling with) and using most of the North Island as a landing zone for meth. That’s why the KBs are fighting with the Tribesmen up north, it’s a power play to take the Northland coastline to smuggle South American Cartel Meth in.

The sudden spate of drive by shootings is evidence of these new tensions.

Once an innocent white middle class kid gets caught up in the cross fire, the NZ public will scream for whatever over the top paramilitary Police State National promises them to feel safe.

National have already tried ‘Raptor Force’ and will immediately trot it out again when the next gang violence shocks.

On cue…

Christopher Luxon calls for Strike Force Raptor-style gang unit to address rise in violent crime

National leader Christopher Luxon is proposing a Strike Force Raptor style police unit to deal with increasing gang crime.

…we live in the Age of Political Resentment and subjective offence where all we want is suffering and harm for those we hate, if the Social Policy is counterproductive, the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind don’t care.

Sending in armed Police to bash up the gangs isn’t a solution.

This isn’t political leadership by National, this is political opportunism by playing to our worst angels.

National are promising a vast erosion of civil liberties for Prisoners, Gang Members and Beneficiaries.  It’s hilarious that the second flawed social policy implodes, National’s go to is to erode civil liberties.

The petty spite drilled deep into the heart of low horizon imagination National voters must be appeased no matter what God it slaughters and Christopher will gleefully oblige no matter the social carnage.

The patched 501s and their unpatched syndicates have solidified their new supply lines and the domestic gangs are beefing up now with plans of retaliation. The new sources of meth have flooded NZ with a cheaper more pure product, so expect one hell of a violent Summer.

If a full blown gang war erupts on the streets of NZ, the freaked out urban populations who don’t see how huge the gangs are in provincial NZ are going to scream for protection and National and ACT will give them a tough Sheriff likely to exacerbate the problem rather than solve it.

What does the Government need to do?

1 – Demand a review of intelligence values, are the Security Agencies actually pursuing active crack downs on the 501s or are they just observing? Because of the inclusion of the South American Cartels, are GCSB and SIS passing along actionable Intel to local policing units or is that information all going to the NSA? The Killer Bees were taken out as a force because all the old gangs narked on them and gave the Police the ability to completely take out the leadership. Police need to think seriously about cutting the same deal with the domestic gangs against the 501s, because it is the 501s generating the violence.

2 – Meth rehabilitation services must get an enormous boost in resourcing for any chance to cope with the wave of addiction that is coming.

3 – LEGALISE CANNABIS YOU MORONS: Allow the domestic gangs to legally produce cannabis so that their revenue stream is through a legal means rather than the meth, which is happening because of competition with the Australian gangs.

We need some blue sky thinking to stop what’s coming.

I’m not sure we are capable of that, here’s the last report on the Gang Intelligence Unit…

Gang Intelligence Centre leadership concerns revealed in document release

New Zealand’s Gang Intelligence Centre has been blighted by poor leadership and has been struggling to reduce the harm caused by organised crime.

Multiple sources RNZ has talked to said the leadership of the Gang Intelligence Centre was “clueless”, and one person said it was run by a bunch of buffoons.

Leadership were said to have no understanding of the gang environment, which in turn meant the centre was failing to have an impact on the harm being caused by gangs.

…when you have gangs spraying other gang pads with semiautomatics, you have lost control of the situation.

This would not be happening if there was a competent Gang Intelligence Centre. The point is to never let shit get to this level.

I don’t believe we have the strategic vision required to beat this, my guess is that once some white middle-class kid gets shot in cross fire the sleepy hobbits of middle Nu Zilind will freak out and scream for paramilitary police which will make the problem worse.



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