No need to send the riot cops in today Trev, you’ve done enough damage for 1 year

Folks, folks, folks


Yes these feral lunatics are rude, obnoxious and threatening. These are the dispossessed, those bearing the cruelest blows of mandates most harshly. Did you see that woman screaming her husband had been vaccinated and that she was leaving him?

These people are to be pitied not feared. They are so far down the rabbit hole there’s no longer a rabbit or a hole.

On Day 2 their factions were collapsing and their attempt to push through the lines were rebuffed by the professionalism of the Police – THEN Trevor throws a tantrum & demands the lawn is cleared and ran a day long livestream recruitment video for them!

They face the worst of the mandates, they have a right to protest – all we’ve done by agreeing with Trevs temper tantrum is radicalise more people.

The Police should never have been asked to do what they did yesterday – the Executive of Parliament must get together to urgently rein the Speaker in.

These are fucking stupid tactics.

Labour – can’t build houses, can’t raise welfare, can’t help renters & can’t implement a Capital Gains Tax – BUT CAN radicalise the fringes into political violence!

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