Newshub Poll – Winners & Losers

As the country oscillates between the depression of home haircuts and incandescent homicidal rage over mask wearing, Newshub’s latest Poll seals the fate for narratives as we end 2021 more polarized than since the Springbok tour.

People trust Labour and are frightened by Judith while being smitten by David Seymour. At any other time this level of skitzerphrenic political  confusion would be enough to have the Dr check your meds, in NZ this is how MMP manifests.

There are of course winners and losers.


Jacinda + Labour – They have saved NZ from mass hospitalizations and death so what do they get for their tireless Covid performance? A never ending hatefest of toxic bile vomited upon them from Maori & Woke claiming their response is a racist genocide to Death Cult Capitalists screaming Jacinda is a coward for not killing her citizens for the economy.

On top of that are religious nutters who think Jacinda is the antiChrist, Qanon lunatics who think she is Nazi Germany and Crystal Karen who thinks she’s raping Gaia.

Yet DESPITE all that, Labour are STILL at 42.7%. This tells us that despite all the bitching and complaining, the middle holds for Labour. Voters have decided that Labour’s flaws are still far preferable than National or ACT’s promises.

David Seymour & ACT – They are seen as the right wing values party and Seymour’s continued performance is out dazzling Judith’s attempt to take reactionary votes off him. Their rise to 16% masks a radical right polarization of politics not seen before in NZ politics.

Let’s remind ourselves of ACTs more crazy shit…

  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission

…THAT is getting 16%!

Sweet Zombie Jesus.

ACTs stratospheric rise in the polls started – LIKE I FUCKING WARNED IT WOULD – when the bloody woke identity politics activists went on their deplatforming rampage and tried to strangle free speech off.

Well done wokies, you handed him the ammunition he’s use against us.

Judith Collins – Now you might argue that Judith is a loser in these results, but she’s not! Judith has cemented a loyalty from her Caucus by promoting the most incompetent clowns who know they would never hold that rank under any other leadership ticket and it is this Machiavellian positioning that has kept Judith as leader. She tricked Nick Smith into resigning so his exit would benefit her by bringing in loopy Harete Hipango. Judith loves power more than a Great White Shark loves blood. Any hope she will leave voluntarily is as misplaced as believing Trump will stand for the Democrats in 2024.

Maori Party – Calling the vaccine roll out a ‘modern genocide’ and comparing it to the Squid Games would be punished if it were any other Party, amazingly it’s been rewarded in this poll because radicalizing AntiVaxxers with such emotionally manipulative language is ok when it’s fighting the heteronormative white cis male colonizing patriarchy etc etc etc.


National – At this stage National couldn’t get laid wearing a banana costume in a monkey brothel. Replacing the leader isn’t enough of a solution.

Greens – They have lost their third largest political party standings to ACT who are now twice their size. How can the Greens be so hopeless and alienating with their middle class identity politics? Will there be any white males voting for them who aren’t gelded and dating in Wellington? Chloe as leader is their only hope for political relevance. The Greens are that vegan app you downloaded in 2016 and never used.

Beneficiaries and the poor – Labour could pump tens of billions into the speculative property market that spiked house prices but they can do sweet fuck all for the poorest amongst us! A $5 per week lift in some benefits NEXT YEAR is a bitter slap in the face from a political party that sells its compassion as cheaply as a drug addict in debt.



As TDB has been pointing out since 2020 election, ACTs extraordinary rise is no fluke, it is a rupture on the right and represents a chasm of difference between ACT and Labour/Green.

National are in a death spiral brought on by age demographics and a rural/urban divide that is brutally amputating National from anyone right wing under the age of 60.

This gifts ACT unquestioned support from voters who have little idea how extreme ACT Party policy really is.

National has to win the center because it can’t keep fighting ACT for the reactive right while trying to win those center voters over.

Unfortunately in a Delta environment riven by divisive hate, there are no more adults in the room to appeal to.

Labour + Green will win 2023 but with ACT likely to eclipse National in 2022 over the looming Free Speech fiasco, the battleground for 2026 will become the most ideological since Rodger Douglas and the fourth Labour Government.

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