New Zealand Republic Welcomes Te Pati Māori Head Of State Policy – New Zealand Republic

“New Zealand Republic welcomes the policy of Te Pati Māori for a citizen as our head of state. It’s fitting we start the korero on this important issue on Waitangi Day” said Lewis Holden, campaign chair of New Zealand Republic, Kia Mana Motuhake a Aotearoa.

“Whatever the specific detail of the Te Pati Māori proposals, New Zealand Republic has a clear policy platform that we will continue to campaign for. The transition to a citizen as head of state is straightforward, the legislative changes required include a Treaty clause to ensure the relationship between Māori and Kāwangatanga continues, a clause to ensure our Commonwealth membership continues, and maintaining the separation of head of state and head of government, transitioning our Governor-General to our actual head of state” added Mr Holden.

“As Barbados has recently demonstrated, the Governor-General can be elevated to the position of head of state without any change in the person holding that office.”

“We hope to see more political parties pick up on the debate, which is continuing to grow as support for change increases. It’s time for all New Zealanders to be part of the debate” concluded Mr Holden.


Detail on the proposal Treaty clause is here:

Detail on New Zealand Republic’s policy statement is here:

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