New Poll: Support for Luxon hardens – Left plus vs Right plus plus plus in 2023 showdown

The Taxpayer’s Union has dropped another poll and it shows support for Luxon hardening.

Labour – 42.3%

National – 38.4%

Green – 6.3%

ACT – 6.6%

The Christian Dad Lex Luthor has calmed the angry urban right wing male vote and convinced the kids to stop joy riding in the ACT protest vote.

‘Don’t be so reckless’ is Luxon’s karaoke anthem of choice.

The attempts to paint Labour as out of touch is rejected by this Poll as it shows Labour picking up support, not losing it.

Despite the worst month of media ever, Jacinda and Labour are still soaring.

This suggests 2023 will be a Left wing plus vs Right wing plus plus plus ideological battle.

Centrist Labour plus middle class aesthetic Leftish greenish vs Conservative Casual National plus hard right privatise everything not nailed down at the dinner party ACT.

For renters, beneficiaries and environmentalists, it means this…

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