New Poll: National and Labour both up and Māori Party are becoming kingmakers

Latest Taxpayer’s Union Poll is out and it shows National and Labour up and the dynamic that TDB has been predicting for sometime that the Māori Party are emerging as the possible kingmaker.

NATIONAL – 37.8% up 2.5

LABOUR – 36.8% up .6

GREENS – 9.4% down 3

ACT – 8.4% down 2.8

Māori Party – 3.6% up 3.5

NZ First – 1.7& down .1

OTHER – 2.3% down .7

National and Labour are level pegging with ACT and the Greens are becoming their political tails, the prevailing dynamic is that Labour and the Greens will require the Māori Party to gain a majority in the 2023 election.

We can see that at play in JTs latest column.

ACT and National will use Labour and Greens reliance on the Māori Party to generate fear and disinformation.

The Greens and the Māori Party should be meeting now.



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