New Newshub Poll: Labour Soar + ACT crash – Winners & Losers

BOOM – all the attacks on Labour have come to nothing!

As I have argued, Kiwi’s trust what Jacinda has done, they know that Covid is dangerous, they can see the impact overseas and they want MIQ tightly restricted. They might not like it, they might feel she slipped up in places, but they are voting for her regardless.

The Caucus were shown internal UMR polling during the January retreat that had them on 38%, after the month from media hell, to gain and be up to 44.3% is an enormous boost.

There are of course Winners + Losers



Jacinda + Labour: Despite the most intense attacks via the media in her entire political life where the public were told she was WORSE than the Taliban, Labour have climbed to 44.3%. Despite what feral protestors say, Covid is still viewed by the majority of kiwis as a national emergency they have no interest in seeing here. While she continues to keep us safe, the majority will rally to her.

Chris Luxon: He’s done it! Christian Lex Luther has won over the conservatives who have flirted with ACT. His CEO respectability is still enough of a lure to attract social climbers, however as I’ve argued previously, 32% is his ceiling and unless he finds another gear, he’ll get smashed by Jacinda.

Greens: They have finally found a strategy that works. Don’t say anything and people will forget they are as alienating as Donal Trump at a feminist folk festival.



ACT: David forgot why people had flocked to ACT in the first place, they championed Right Wing Values, by engaging with policy no one really cares about, he’s lost the angry white male vote he had built in Auckland. Wait for the Free Speech fight this year for ACT’s fortunes to reverse.

Climate Change: With Labour able to hold onto an astounding lead because of their Covid handling, the climate can go fuck itself.

Beneficiaries and the working poor: With Labour able to hold onto an astounding lead because of their Covid handling, Beneficiaries and the working poor can go fuck themselves.

Renters: With Labour able to hold onto an astounding lead because of their Covid handling, renters can go fuck themselves.



Once again, Labour’s Covid response will save them from doing anything meaningful on a vast range of domestic issues they have done sweet fuck all on. Frightened voters rally to the flag and their fear of Covid has not waned. If Omicron is as bad as the Hootonian Theorem suggests, Labour could win another outright majority.


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