New Covid Mandates: Political Winners, Losers & Predictions

Jacinda has loosened the Covid restrictions and mandates just as the Omicron tsunami peaks.

It’s been read by the Identity Politic Covid hypochondriacs as blasphemy most foul!

The same people screaming at Jacinda for relaxing mandates were screaming NAZI at Parliament Protesters and were the same people screaming genocide at the vaccine roll out for Maori

it’s just a lot of screaming.

There are of course political winners and losers



The long suffering double vaxxed & boosted Kiwis: FINALLY! All those Kiwis who have done as they were asked, who got double vaccinated and boosted and did all the QR bullshit scanning and masks and etc etc etc etc etc etc, FINALLY we get to have our fucking lives back! Finally I don’t have to tell the State where the fuck I am all the time! Finally the Police Officer can leave me the fuck alone! Finally the State is out from up in my grills! FINALLY! As far as I’m concerned I want to continue wearing masks at all times and continue social distancing because many of you are fucking awful people and I want you as far away from me as humanly possible! Now fuck off and leave me alone!


Greens: They have finally stumbled upon a voting demographic that they can dominate, Identity Politic Covid hypochondriacs. Every middle class millennial is immunocompromised, it’s an aesthetic just like every middle class Karen believes crystals can cure cancer. The only difference between the two groups is the millennials are militant about their pronouns. This is a demographic the Greens can ride all the way to the 2023 election.

Hyper Tourism: With restrictions being removed, hyper tourism is back with freedom campers shitting all over our country side and bus loads of tourists causing infrastructure stress all so a business (that is probably exploiting a backpacker for staff) can sell those tourists Red Bull and V.

Migrant worker exploitation: With restrictions being removed NZ can get back to exploiting migrant workers, undermining local wages and creating more stress on the rental market! Yay!

International Student language scams: With restrictions being removed the International Student language scams will be back pushing up rentals, pretending to create a pathway to residency and rorting the system. Yippee!

David Seymour: His criticism of Jacinda is mean, nasty and very, very, very funny. ‘Adernity’, come on, that’s hilarious!



Jacinda + Labour: Paradoxically despite saving us from Alpha, Delta AND Omicron, Jacinda and Labour are not getting the gratitude they deserve this time around, they are getting hate and anger from all sides! On one side you have those feral lunatics who never supported these public health measures believing they have ‘won’ while on the other side  you have those who see the dictates from Siouxsie Wiles and Dr Bloomfield as some type of religious instruction from a higher intelligence. Both sides are savaging Jacinda and Labour which is a type of insanity as far as I am concerned. To date Jacinda’s leadership has saved 3000 lives over 2 years, that’s extraordinary and deserving of our gratitude. Watching her and Labour get so much shit for protecting us is like a brain injury caused by listening to ZB Talkback.

Identity Politic Covid hypochondriacs: This tweet sums up the hilarious position the middle class health puritans have ended up in…

…ha ha ha ha ha. Oh the short sighted political shallowness of it all. I just can’t stop laughing!

National: Despite ‘winning’ by having Labour drop the mandates, National’s absurd positions if adopted would have seen the plague erupt in NZ and everyone knows it! National were on the side of the virus throughout this and people won’t forget that. They deserve no credit for these necessary moves and after watching their cowardice during this pandemic deserve none of our respect!

The Disabled Community: Once again the disabled community get right royally screwed over! Sure we need to reopen and yes the viruses ability to side step our border means lockdowns become less effective for a virus that won’t seriously harm the vast majority of those infected, but where is the vast ocean of extra resources that should be getting pumped into the lives of the disabled? I’m not even talking about vast increases in their benefit (although they sure as fuck deserve that), I’m talking the bureaucratic cruelty MSD uses to rule their lives with fear. They must reapply every 3 months for the benefit, this is an unnecessary cruelty during a time of pandemic! Why can’t we make their existence less stressful via simplification of the bureaucracy around their lives and a special focus on State Housing built specifically for their needs? We may not be able to fully protect the disabled community but we sure as Christ can make their existence far less stressful for them!

Homeless: Watch our kindness evaporate towards the homeless now we need their motel rooms for cheap tourists. The homelessness crisis that has been hidden in Motel rooms is about to explode now restrictions and mandates are off.

Renters: Now the borders are open, international students, desperate migrant workers and tourists will flood the market pushing up rentals, stressing public transport and causing more inflation. Yay, renters get fucked again!

The Economy: We are in so much danger economically now it’s just a matter of time which black swan triggers the meltdown. Brace for impact.



Beyond the immediacy of the mandates, there are so many problems mutating as rapidly as the virus itself – INCLUDING the virus mutating!

CHINA ECONOMIC CRUNCH: China’s continued zero tolerance towards Covid infection continues to shut down Ports and supply chains causing immense bottlenecks which are causing intense economic pain. This is going to be felt by NZ most actually because we are so economically dependent upon China. If China’s economy contracts, so will ours.

COVID MUTATES INTO SOMETHING FAR WORSE: To date the virus has been able to spend all its evolutionary energy on mutating to be as spreadable as possible because we have had no immunity to a novel virus, but as vaccination rates and people catching it grows, the virus starts spending more evolutionary power on bypassing our immunity. This could result in a new pandemic with higher mortality rates. With 80% of the planet not vaccinated, that is an enormous reservoir for Covid to mutate in.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE: We are not even close to understanding the true magnitude of a universal unique event that has caused intense social dislocation. From the Qanon conspiracy radicalisation to basic depression and isolation,  we will see domestic violence soar, violent crime rise and people shut themselves away at home which in turn will impact hospitality and retail. Think of the psychological damage as radioactive fall out that will stain our culture for decades.

FLARE UPS: We are simply assuming that the current rate of Covid will stay static when it can easily flare up and over run our hospital system at any time we let our guard down.

I think masks, social distancing and a culture of social hesitancy will become the norm for the remainder of 2022 combined with the psychological fall out and the economic damage.

And that’s the best case scenario.


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