Nazi Hunter Michael ‘rivers of filth’ Wood now targeting Maori!

Fresh from hunting Nazis, Michael ‘rivers of filth’ Wood is now targeting Maori???

The new drug driving powers are coming into force and they are so insanely counter productive it’s painful to think about…

Government introducing roadside drug testing from 2023

Random roadside drug testing will come into force from next year as part of an effort to deter drug-impaired driving.

Drivers who test positive will be fined and stopped from driving for a minimum of 12 hours.

It comes after Parliament passed the Land Transport (Drug Driving) Amendment legislation on Tuesday.

…let me be clear, I don’t drive, so my following criticism is not in any way shape or form self interested!

The problem as it was always going to be, is that the drug tests pick up the presence of the drug, not impairment.

So, if you are a stoner, you will get caught by this without actually being impaired.

Schedule 5 of the new law lists the substances and their levels for
“tolerance” (fine) or criminal conviction:

1ng for the saliva test – this results in a fine, no record

3ng for the blood test (taken if a driver disputes the saliva test, or
chooses to do the ‘walk the line’ field sobriety test and is failed by
the cop) – this results in a court charge, criminal record, bigger fine,
potential jail.

Based on the experience in Colorado which brought in a similar law in
2010, a regular user will test over 1ng every day even after a day of
non-use. A heavy user (like most med patients) would test over 3ng even
after a day of non-use.  (Colorado set their level at 5ng)

…so what will this new law do? With cannabis the most used illegal drug, it will catch a whole bunch stoners who aren’t actually impaired to drive.

Seeing as Police have a special hard on for Maori, it will be used against them at far greater numbers than anyone else.



Police will target the usual suspects they always do.

Young brown men will be over represented in that targeting.

Because weed is the largest illegal drug used in NZ, of course the Police will test and find everyone has cannabis in their system, but many won’t in fact be impaired.


More brown young men will be punished for simply consuming cannabis, not actually being impaired by it.

We will jump and clap and claim this is great social policy.

I’m so over this bullshit.


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