NATO has brought us to War

Former Nato Commander calls for the alliance to be replaced with a new security architecture, because he says;

“NATO has brought us to War” 

A former Nato commander, Italian General Fabio Mini, said in a May 7 interview with AmbienteWeb that NATO should be dissolved because it has become a threat to world security, and that we are already on the brink of a third world war as a consequence of its flawed structure.

“NATO in its current configuration should be dissolved to create a new regional security structure more closely linked to the United Nations, rather than to a single member state, one which is more representative of Europe in the field of international security management,” he said. 

In its current form, General Mini says NATO restricts Europe’s capacity to determine its own defence and security. Putting the interests of the United Sates ahead of those of its European member states, all in violation of the Atlantic Treaty, “Nato has ceased to be a defensive alliance and instead become a security threat to Europe.

Addressing the Russia/Ukraine conflict, General Mini points out that wars are no longer confined to just military actions, but now include operations that use economic and financial weapons, and cyber attacks, which actually produce greater damage than conventional warfare. “And so we are now, effectively, in the middle of a global conflict – a world war,” he said.

And he says this has come about despite Nato protocols set in place to guard against it happening.  “Articles 5 and 6 of the Nato treaty, deal with mutual defence, and refer to the territories of individual member states threatened by armed attack. But Ukraine is not a member state,” said General Mini. “And yet we are supplying it with weapons and other aid.  And Article 7 states that nothing in the Nato treaty shall replace or displace the protections afforded any country under the Charter of the United Nations, or that of the Security Council, for the maintenance of international peace and security.” 

 “Well,” says General Min, “Russia is a member of the United Nations, and Nato’s policy has infringed its rights, compromising the peace and security of the whole world.”

General Mini says, NATO puts the interests of the United States, and other states that incite war, ahead of the interest of its member states, all at the expense of European security and each in violation of the Atlantic Treaty.

“The interests of the United States have never coincided with those of Europe,” says General Mini, “…not even during the cold war when the hot war that was to take place in Europe, and not in the USA, was being prepared.”  And he blames the US for Nato becoming involved in conflicts outside its area of ​​responsibility, and for countries that fail to meet Nato membership requirements, being allowed to join.

Referring to the prospects of a peaceful resolution of the Russia/Ukraine conflict General Mini is not optimistic saying; “The main obstacle is that the United States does not want an agreement between the two countries at all. They want the elimination of the Russian ability to attack, which is equivalent to eliminating her defensive capacity!” 

Having been cajoled by the US to allow former Eastern bloc countries to join Nato, General Mini says; “New Europe” now finds itself hostage to the countries of “Old Europe,” which are less interested in Europe than they are in wreaking revenge on Russia for the years they were under its control. “And for this they are pampered and supported financially and militarily by the United States and NATO.” 

While theoretically Nato could refrain from involving itself in the conflict. “Unfortunately,” says General Mini, “under the current system and pressure from the United States, no one will object.” He says national sovereignty has become secondary to the need to avoid upsetting the United States and so risk being labelled its enemy.

“NATO will always be unanimous in obeying. The only salvation from war can only come from a backward step by the United States or from a split in NATO. I do not think either of the two is probable, even though it is now clear that the Washington-London axis is disturbing many European countries. If anything happens, it will be after the Ukrainian war. But that might be too late.”



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