National’s economic plan is a joke looking for a punchline


I appreciate that there is a lot of anger from many on the Left at the incremental ‘progress’ of Jacinda’s Labour Party.

I appreciate there is a deep resentment to the Covid response and an anger towards another round of being told what to do by people who have work from home privilege.

I get all that.

But not one of you can seriously believe that National’s economic ‘plan’ is anything other than total bullshit that won’t in any way shape or form solve the complex problems in front of us!

Let’s look at the above ‘plan’

‘Stop adding costs to business’ – You mean like the extended sick pay that we needed because of Covid? You mean like allowing workers who have been beaten during domestic violence time off work? You mean like Matariki? You mean like the minimum wage increases? If your business is on the verge of collapse because of sick days during a pandemic, allowing your workers to heal their domestic abuse bruises at home, basic pay rises and the only Māori public holiday, could I humbly suggest you shouldn’t be in fucking business! The low wage economy that National and ACT live for is the problem here, not extra days off that attempt to provide better work conditions.

‘Remove bottlenecks to the economy’ – Oh you mean mass immigration, the very mass immigration that crushed Auckland, sparked the housing crisis and forces domestic workers to compete against cheaper migrant labour? That’s not a solution, that’s the problem! It’s like National are the Dr and they’ve suggested amputating the body away from the Tumour so the Tumour can keep growing!

‘Disciplined Government Spending’ – National always tell us that will cut spending, but never actually explain where that spending cut will come from because you the voter will shit yourself when you see how much they want to slash and burn out of welfare, education and health.

‘Tax relief for hard working Kiwis’ – The average worker will get less than $1000 in National tax cuts, Luxon will take home $18 000 in tax cuts! Poor people aren’t stupid, they see through that!

‘Focus the Reserve Bank solely on inflation’ – So remove the welfare of the citizens and just focus on inflation? What a great step backwards!

NONE and I mean NONE of this is a solution! Cutting sick days, dumping public holidays, stopping minimum wage increases, mass immigration, tax cuts for the rich, vast slash and burn campaign on public services (but not telling you what those public services will be) and forcing the Gods of NZ Capitalism to focus solely on inflation are not solutions, they are a joke looking for a punchline.

You can be shitty with Labour, but don’t dare pretend National has any answer!


How much of this poor people shit do I need to name and eat and how much of these clothes from the Warehouse do I need to wear before the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind warm to me?

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