National Party State of Denial: Luxon will screw the poor & love the rich

I like how Nicola Willis has to explain who she is, because no one does.

National State of Denial is being live-streamed and this is Luxon’s chance to stamp the tone of who he is and what National stands for.

Nicola Willis claims Luxon has entered NZ politics to serve, which when you consider the romper stomper hard right bash the poor speech he’s about to give you wonder who exactly is he serving.

“Personal Responsibility” is part of todays National Party Bingo.

Luxon attacked Labour MPs for being socialist – he’s critiquing socialism and then links to running Air NZ without acknowledging Air NZ had to be bought out by the Government.

Luxon arguing his corporate rule of Air NZ is why he should run the country which is a bit like a Pilot asking to run Air NZ after a year flying.

Luxon is claiming the difficulties we are under going is all because of the Government, no, it’s the pandemic that did that plus the near decade of National DOING NOTHING on those issues of housing, poverty and inequality.

Luxon champions free market mythology mixed with migrant hard work ethos. It’s small business morality for corporate interest.

He’s now into welfare.

Bashing beneficiaries is just such basic basement bullshit – National are the ones who built the cruelty into WINZ and MSD. His ‘goal’ is the usual stick before carrot crap.

He is proposing more of the neoliberal welfare experiments of Orange Tamariki as his ‘solution’ Jesus wept, it’s just the worst welfare policy.

Luxon is pointing out how awful Labour have been on poverty, inequality and housing, which is totally justified, but Luxon’s solutions will make those issues FAR WORSE.

Luxon is now – surprise, surprise – going to give the rich tax cuts – so it’s bash beneficiaries with more Oranga Tamariki style Frankenstein social welfare policy while giving the rich tax cuts???? It’s like a cheap 1984 with more cushions.

I agree with him on the tax bracket creep – Simon Bridges is right about that.

‘World Leading’ – more National Party bingo.

Claims NZ needs a change of ‘mindset’. Like he’s selling a TV advertorial for right wing mindfulness. Each ‘mindset’ change gets a massage chair.

Thank God Christian Lex Luthor is politically tone deaf.

His romper stomper hard right speech is a horrifying regurgitation of every part of right wing reactionary policy that has been relentlessly exposed as making things worse.

Labour’s pathetic tax increases that National will overturn were virtue signals in the first place so National’s cancelling them is equally political pantomime.

Labour have refused point blank to do something meaningful on tax like a CGT or a Financial Transaction Tax, so National’s tantrum is equally farcical.

The new focus on bashing beneficiaries while giving the rich a tax cut is such basic bitch right wing policy it’s insulting that they’ve taken 5 leaders to work up to this.

Luxon is a slick commercial for a house you can never afford preaching a toxic hot mess of selfishness and openly attacking the poor.

We just lived through a once in a century pandemic, people rushed to the State for protection, they don’t want to hear that National will take a chainsaw to that State.

This speech and its naked aggression for selfishness and benny bashing will help solidify the Right. Luxon avoids all the heat of Judith’s spiteful language by wrapping the policy up with KPI optimism and CEO authority.

This allows urban male right wing voters to get their tax cut with an electorate vote to National while giving their Party vote to ACT for their ideological urges.

I think this dynamic of urban right males electorate voting National and Party voting ACT will create an MMP overhang.

The left has done little meaningfully transformative over the last 4 years for the poorest amongst us, National are promising to give them even less.

For the poor, they get vacant promises from Jacinda to do something while they get vague threats from National that something will be done.

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