National Party Conference: Luxon doubles down on bashing beneficiaries by unveiling welfare privatisation agenda

The 1800s are calling and they want their cruel social policies back!


How desperate has National become?

In a time of climate crisis, inequality crisis, housing crisis, crime crisis and cost of living crisis and where will the great Christian Philosopher Christoper Luxon guide us?

Doubling down on bashing the dirty filthy beneficiaries, Luxon bewilderingly attacks young people on welfare without understanding those numbers include sick, ill and disabled youth!

His chilling promise? Mass privatisation of welfare!

Jesus wept!

Let’s be very clear – what Luxon is promising is a privatisation of welfare – understand that, understand that now!

His entire misdirected dog whistle, let’s bash up the youth on welfare is best summed up in this Herman Melville quote…

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.

…this country is still reeling from the impact of Covid and he’s bashing beneficiaries?


Where does a 7 property owning Hawaiian mansion holidaying CEO get off shitting on poor people in such desperate times?

We are handing out over 100 000 food grants a month with Food Banks spiking 500% and he’s bitching about the lowest unemployment rate in forever?

It’s like he can’t help but bully anyone economically weaker than himself.

Does he think this is shits ands giggles for everyone? Right now a vast chunk of our brothers and sisters in this country, regardless of who they vote for, are doing it bloody hard, and only someone really insulted from that reality like he is would say this sort of crap!

I thought that ‘bottom feeder’ comment was a slip up, a mistake, a poorly worded brain fat, but the more I see of Luxon, the more I see a preening vanity in his success, a naked self aggrandisement that sees his wealth as a direct blessing from Jesus making it a sin to be humble.

I don’t like his policies.

I don’t like the way he pushes around the poor.

I don’t like the constant and embarrassing u-turns.

I don’t like him!

I thought Luxon was a dumbo boofhead who believed in prosperity religion and thinks Jesus has blessed him because he owns 7 properties. He oozes a misplaced sense of confidence because of this and it’s that misplaced sense of self faith that National are selling an uneasy and nervous electorate.

Listening to him spout far right welfare privatisation garbage marks him out as a dumbo boofhead who is incredibly dangerous.

With National privatising welfare and ACT amputating 5 ministries, a National/ACT Government represents the most radical departure from the norm NZ has seen since Roger Douglas met Ruth Richardson.

We have lived through a political period of time since MMP that has managed to dilute and temper the idealogical extremes of Left/Right politics in NZ. The need to compromise and pull punches is fundamental to the MMP dynamic HOWEVER that completely gets thrown out the window if there is no political centre left.

The political centre has been hollowed out so much under MMP that Labour and National are almost indistinguishable in their acquiescence to neoliberal mantra.

The far left and far right have enormous pent up political tension that will rupture once Labour or National are dependent on their numbers for a majority.

National think privatising welfare is the solution, the backlash will suggest they’ve misplaced the centre.

Kiwi’s don’t want to punish one another, they want help and direction in these frightening times, National trying to goad a public stoning of teenagers on welfare is misplaced malice that won’t generate the political excitement they think it will.

We are a bigger people than National think we are.

This sudden desire to privatise welfare is a terrible strategic blunder by National. Trying to out right ACT on welfare isn’t a political solution, it’s a virtue signalling exercise amongst crypto-fascists!

Labour have achieved so little because of the trainwreck National left the country in, oh and let’s not forget the little issue of ‘Covid’.

Labour deserve and have earned another vote from reasonable people when you consider the position Covid placed us in. Jacinda has been a remarkable leader and the narrative that it’s all Labour’s fault simply rings false and the solution of privatiziang welfare to give teenagers on benefits a clip around the ear is just bullshit alpha bullying by a beta bully.

I mean Aloha Luxon can’t even pick on someone his own size, he has to go after kids on benefits!

Luxon manipulated people’s legitimate fear and pain from the cost of living and then went to Hawaii while his social media handlers pretended he was in Te Puke meeting people suffering from the cost of living crisis.

They did that because they knew holidaying in Hawaii would make his concern over the cost of living crisis look fake and insincere.

Which it is.

The glitter has quickly rubbed off this turd.

Remember, Luxon was the negotiated leader, not the most talented. He became Leader after Collins made her hate pack vote for him after she ratfucked Simon Bridges.

Once the mainstream media comprehend he’s attempting to privatise welfare, his inability to answer questions and critics of what that actually looks like in real life will avalanche.

This was a poorly thought out knee-jerk without a knee-cap.



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