National aren’t tough on crime, they are soft on facts

National are gaining traction on the rising gang war and playing the tough on crime rhetoric while framing Labour as ‘soft on crime’.

It’s a bullshit tactic that is petty, childish and actually beneath the seriousness of the situation.

Labour are not ‘soft’ on crime, the driver for this gang war has been the imported 501s, not Labour policy.

This is a unique moment in the NZ underworld scene. They’ve never had almost 3000 criminals forced into NZ with little family support or community connection. Not all 501s are heavy criminals, and for those who aren’t we desperately need to wrap around social services. But there is a large chunk who are professional criminals who come from an Australian criminal culture far more violent than the domestic gangs.

They have seperate supply chains of meth from the South American Cartels and are prepared to use a level of sophistication and uber violence that dwarfs our current capacity.

That isn’t Labour’s fault and indeed the news that the new Australian Government are looking at changing the rules so that those who have lived the majority of their life in Australia will stay is far more significant than the media coverage in Australia has noticed.

National are calling for a ban on patches as if that will solve anything when it’s a cheap bullshit pretence of a solution!

The fundamental problem with the exploding gang war is an in internal turf war inside Police over intelligence. Currently the GCSB and SIS are intercepting communications between the 501s and their South American Cartel meth suppliers. The NSA very much want any intel on the Cartels, so NZ is sending its intel up the chain of command, it’s not being sent down to local cops here to use against the 501s. The drift net approach by Police who have used 750 warrantless searches against the gangs over the last couple of months is a fishing expedition because Police have zero intel on who they should be pressuring. Hipkins knows well the internal turf wars of various Bureaucracies and I think we will see the GCSB and SIS forced to share their intel with the Police Intelligence and Organised Crime units which in turn will give them far better tools to deal to the gangs.

A Gang Task Force is pointless if the Police Intelligence Unit is hopeless, this is an internal Policing management issue, the Police Minister can’t tell Police how to react operationally!

National keep accusing Labour of not supporting warrantless searches which the existing laws allow for it! It’s like they don’t understand the law yet are attacking Labour for their misunderstanding of the law!

National’s solutions are all really stupid and don’t actually cut to the true source of the current gang wars.

National aren’t tough on crime, they are soft on facts.


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