National + ACT are being petty racists on Māori electoral roll issue

The National and ACT Party are just playing racist bullshit games to stop Māori moving from one electoral roll to another between elections.

The reasons they can’t move between rolls at the moment is bureaucratic nonsense. The argument is that the electorates have to numerically be a certain size, which is fine for the pedants at Stats NZ, but it robs indigenous people of political representation, and surely their rights to Universal Suffrage eclipse the rights of a bunch of anorak wearing Wellington bureaucrats who get off on numerically correct electorates.

Each election there are thousands of complaints from Māori who want to change electorate rolls but can’t, that’s a very large number of voters who are being disenfranchised each election.

National and ACT scream it allows Māori to ‘game’ the election.

You mean like the way ACT and National ‘game’ the election in Epsom?

The role of the Government is to make political representation easier, not harder and what National and ACT are doing here is needlessly playing to their racist support base who hate the idea of Māori having electorates of their own in the first place.

I mean ACT want to banish the Māori Electorates so asking their opinion on anything to do with Māori voting rights is like asking Trump’s thoughts on electoral fraud, in that it’s always going to end in a metaphoric cross burning of some description.

National and ACT are playing petty race politics here and it’s very ugly.



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