Nadia Lim vs Simon Henry, Heard vs Depp, Roe vs Wade

There are some weeks the battle of the sexes erupts into open conflict.

This last 7 days felt like that.

The gasp inducing comments by Simon Henry, a rich white male who made millions out of chemicals (every red flag is waving that anything about to come out of his mouth will be offensive in some way) decided to excitedly tell the NBR, “I can tell you, and you can quote me, when you’ve got Nadia Lim, when you’ve got a little bit of Eurasian fluff in the middle of your prospectus with a blouse unbuttoned showing some cleavage, and that’s what it takes to sell your scrip, then you know you’re in trouble.”

The funniest thing about this is that the interview appeared in the NBR last month and has only gotten around to becoming news now.

You send stories to the NBR to put them to sleep.

Simon Henry’s taste in ethno-sexist-racism is charming and has cost him reportedly $84million as people recoil in disgust at his bewildering lack of basic human courtesy or simple norms of respect.

To gleefully take such a racist and sexist dump on someone for the crime of ‘cleavage’ and then demand a direct quote is like Trump lecturing on feminism and advanced string theory.

Wrong, dangerous and totally disconnected from reality.

Don’t try and pretend this is ‘cancel culture’.


This is the rest of society responding completely appropriately to an arsehole who should be shunned for such disgraceful opinions.

This wasn’t a heat of the moment social media post or dredged up comment from a 10 year old tweet, this wasn’t a brain fart during live radio, this was a known set interview and his demand to be quoted clearly shows a premeditated desire to share this pearl of wisdom that had clearly gained him some snorts of mirth at the Northern Club when he tried them out last.

When someone shows you that they have a God complex by referring to other humans in such grotesque disrespect, take them at their word and never call back.

I like Nadia Lim, she has been incredibly gracious during this ugliness and I really like her Food and I am renewing my subscription because I think it’s great kai that I enjoy making and because fuck Simon Henry.

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp started Amber’s side of the story last week in a social media landscape that is backlashing against #MeToo and forming #MenToo.

The incels are as smug as anti-vaxxers now.

The cultural backlash to the extremes of the #MeToo movement have been building relentlessly.

The B-E-L-I-E-V-E all women mantra connected with 5th wave feminism, non-binary activists, critical gender theorists and critical race theorists to manifest the blancmange of woke dogma we have now that militantly micro aggression polices and cancels anything that triggers them is all epitomised in Amber Heard’s trial.

She is coming across like the Girl who cried wolf at a time when it was social currency to denounce wolves.

She needs to prove that he was physically violent to her, and so far all we have is a lot of evidence that she hit him.

This is not a good case to bet a lot of the B-E-L-I-E-V-E all women mantra on which is disgraceful because for all the Amber Heard’s out there, there are millions of women and children and men who are being assaulted by their partner and are terrified.

But none of that, NONE of that, none of Nadia Lim vs Simon Henry and Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp matters in the context of what is happening in America right now over Roe Vs Wade.

Put aside any schadenfreude of watching the woke quietly attempting to say ‘person’ when ‘women’ keep getting mentioned in this abortion debate and focus on the bigger issue in front of us.

I have to hand on heart tell you I never believed Liberals who claimed Roe vs Wade could ever be overturned!

I thought it was something we told our daughters as a scary joke while tucking them into bed at night, ‘You go to sleep right now or the Republicans will sneak in and take away your basic human rights!”

Every single one of the right wing Judges now preparing to take a massive leap backwards said they wouldn’t change Roe Vs Wade, and yet here the lying scumbags are prepared to betray their promises so their vengeful God can burn abortionists in hell.

Make no mistake this is a far right Christian attack on the rights of women backed by a lunatic fringe of 30% dictating to the other 70% something as intrinsic as basic health services.

This is the true legacy of spite Trump planted and its toxic harvest will literally kill.

The spectre of back alley abortion clinics raises its obscene head to peer into a future we had promised it could never have!

As men, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our sisters in all out conflict over this issue.

A State CAN NOT have this level of power over basic autonomy.

Not one man would tolerate this kind of deformed thinking…

…we can not allow the State to interfere with women’s agency in this manner!

Some men will argue this isn’t our fight, fuck that thinking!

No one is safe if the State claims this power over any one of our bodies, women have every right to expect a free abortion with wrap around counselling services if required.

End of story.

The decision is the women’s after consultation with their doctor, no one else’s ever and the State can not be allowed to interfere with that in any way shape or form.

This isn’t a legal ruling by these right wing Christian Justices, this is an evangelical cultural political ruling that seeks to enslave women’s bodies to the State.

It can never be accepted.


Riot like your freedom depended on it.

If this abomination passes, America will be the Enemy of Freedom, not the defender of it.



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