MSD are using pandemic to make money from the poor – why you should hate neoliberal welfare

I have written many posts highly critical of the culture of MSD.

Their malice, their spite, their abuse of power over the most vulnerable.

This latest story manages to sum up all that is wrong with MSD, they are lending money to the poorest people to buy food.

How corrupt is that as a social policy? Loaning out money for food…

Beneficiaries owe record $2.1b to Govt as cost of living soars

Low income New Zealanders now owe more than $2 billion to the Ministry of Social Development as they continue to have to borrow money to survive.

…this is the neoliberal welfare industry for you.

The madness is that MSD sees this debt as an asset!

They have a vested interest in loading more debt up on beneficiaries! We have loaded up billions in debt to the poorest amongst us creating debt slaves.

The state charges interest on this debt as penalties, they are acting like a drug dealer peddling desperation and entrapping people into literal debt coffins.

This is all fine according to Labour.

Wipe the debt now.

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