Migrant Lives Matter – Protest/Vigil

Not only are the migrants continuing to campaign for better rights, but they are also fighting the injustice dished out under the guise of Covid.

Thousands of NZ migrants remain stranded offshore because the border remains closed to non-citizens and non-residents. Two years on, many migrants’ visas have expired and many more will expire in the coming weeks, when the government plans to re-open the border to all. We expect the government to at least take heed from the Australian government and issue replacement visas.

While we have many benefitting from the one-off resident visa 2021(RV21), those allowed to slip through the cracks are still largely ignored by this government. Our front-line workers, critical health workers, second- or third-time students due to inadequate immigration policies, and world class researchers remain excluded from RV21 because the government fails to recognise their contribution and is simply focused on the ‘ineligible’ visas these people hold.

  1. #LetThemStay
    the migrant workers onshore who missed out on the changes we won in phase one of the campaign to win residency – include them in RV21
  2. #BringThemBack
    the migrant workers trapped offshore on many different visas who were unable to return due to the border being closed by the pandemic – extend their visas
  3. #ReUnitetheFamilies
    The government said be kind- it is time to reunite families split up by the covid response before we open Aotearoa to commercial tourists- they have waited over two years in heart-breaking situations – prioritise separated families

the Migrant Movement is taking to the streets again to organise and fight back against exploitation, discrimination and racism. Join the movement today and do your bit to build the big march on Mayday – let’s march on Mayday


We will continue to gather outside the Prime Minister’s electorate office in Auckland every Saturday leading up to the big MAYDAY for MIGRANTS march on Sunday 1st May 2022.


6pm Saturday 2nd April 2022
Outside Jacinda Ardern’s electorate office: 658 New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland

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