MEDIWATCH: Green Party Stockholm Syndrome: Luke Malpas highlights the danger of being held hostage by media echo chambers

No where does the dreaded Green Party Stockholm syndrome better in display than Luke Malpas’s latest column on the ridiculous Refugee Policy we are spinelessly giving the Australians.

Nows before I start the kicking, I need to acknowledge that I actually like and respect Luke’s work, he is one of the rare Stuff columnists that you need to read daily, he’s that good, but on this occasion he’s simply managed to channel all that is wrong with Stuff Journalism in one column.

The dreaded Green Party Stockholm syndrome is a term to describe the symbiotic nature of a group with its twitter followers living in their twitter echo chamber.

It was used to describe what happened when the Green Party attempted to push for ‘sustainable’ immigration which of course was immediately construed by the Green Party middle class wokies as anti immigration. Within days the Greens had dropped sustainable from their immigration policy and it’s all open door flood gates now.

This is because for many middle class people, they have trans national skills that are sellable on the global market, the freedoms to move and migrate then becomes an existential one for these middle class activists and thus they view migration rights as a personal interest they are deeply invested in.

Anyone who threatens those migration freedoms is immediately xenophobic and racist.

Stuff is the woks media in NZ who are constantly begging their readers for donations, seeing as the reading audience are as equally woke as the news organisation, every column must obey with woke dogma and thus Luke’s shallow defence off this bullshit Australian refugee policy is writ large on the pages of a news organisation that is never ending in its bleating for MIQ rights for migrant workers.

Those New Zealander’s who have to struggle and compete for resources like housing and public transport services and jobs against exploited migrant workers can go fuck themselves because they are racist for questioning immigration that has replaced actual economic growth for raw unsustainable growth.

So the middle class woke who hold Stuff hostage on any issue regarding migration (and identity) will be cheering Luke’s phenomenal intellectual flexibility as he tries to defend the indefensible of us taking Australia’s refugee problem despite a total damnation of this entire fiasco, point by pint, by Dr Bryce Edwards who demolishes Luke’s bullshit arguments in terribly fine detail.

You can’t read this and think Luke is remotely connected to reality.

Luke has to play to his woke audience who hold Stuff hostage and who see migration rights as their own ability to move freely around global job markets and this self interest is given the moral authority of ‘Xenophobia’ and ‘racism’ rather than a true examination of the economic exploitation that motivates so much of NZ immigration policy.

We here at TDB ask for your donation but we make it clear it’s to fund an independent voice, we don’t ask you to fund us because you like us or because you like the work we write because that relationship will always be deeply flawed if we say things you don’t like. Stuff are held hostage to their audience because they are so desperate for reader subscriptions, but that only generates propaganda that everyone agrees with rather than an independent voice.

If you are contributing to Stuff, think about throwing some funds our way because someone needs to be the independent voice in NZ media or you just get this intellectual blancmange masquerading as journalism.

Oj, and fuck letting the Australians off the hook for their racist refugee stunt while deporting 501s to NZ which has started a fucking gang war!

But Luke won’t say that.

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